Kevin Tihista in The Mirror (Posted By Harry)

Kevin Tihista ' On This Dark Street'

Kevin Tihista in The Mirror

Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror ‘On This Dark Street’
(Broken Horse)       
Out 19th March

4 Star Review in The Mirror

“Having evidently had troubled times, San Franciscan pearl Tihista returns with his first album in seven years, a gem of droll observation and gripping musical exploration. Imagine a cross between the candour and colour of Harry Nilsson and the melancholic magic of Elliott Smith.”

01. Taking It To The Streets (Again)
02. Bats
03. Jack K
04. In Dreams
05.  N.Carolina
06. Micky
07. Teenage Werewolf
08. Don’t Let Him In
09. I Heard A Voice
10. Country Road

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