Ingredients Records Joins SRD!

Ingredients LogoIngredients Records has joined SRD.

2012 is proving to be a good year, with changes and additions to the family, we’d like to welcome Ingredients Records to Southern Record Distributors. The label was started back in July 2009 by Clive Broe or as he is better known as, DJ Psylence.
Ingredients Records represent the keys, or better yet… ingredients (nice one) that “make up the true drum & bass sound” (DJ Psylence). “Well, with the label name Ingredients I thought it’d be cool to incorporate something to do with food. Being an ex-chef and having a love for food and music I thought this was a perfect balance. So yeah, with each release, I get the artist to submit a 12” and a recipe of their favourite food. I then get some cards printed up and spend hours slipping them in to each record sleeve. It’s great for the artist and it gives their fans a little bit more back. If it inspires people to cook then that’s a great bonus too!”(Kmag Interview- James Barclay)
Carrying on the food metaphor, Ingredients style is definitely like all great food, it celebrates a creative mix-up and as a testament to this, the label welcomes all styles of drum & bass, and selects music that is ‘purely down to vibe’. “I’m either into it or I’m not,’ says DJ  Psylence, “and that’s how I choose which tracks I want. Basically I always ask myself “Would I play this in a club?”
So, DJ Psylence has managed to combine two of the best things in the world. Drum & Bass and cooking. A perfect a combination of seemingly different concepts. A bit like peanut butter and jam. But tastier by far.


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