New Albums & Singles Releases 12.03.12

Tall Firs (ATP)

New Albums & Singles Releases 12.03.12

(in no particular order)

 New Album Releases 12.03.12

01. Tall Firs ‘Out Of It And Into It’ (ATP Recordings) Sadcore/Alternative/ U.S Indie Rock LP/CD
02. Various Artists ‘SpokAnarchy’ (Flat Field Records) Alter CD/LP/DVD
03. WhoMadeWho ‘Brighter’ (Kompakt) Leftfield Pop/Disco-Punk 2LP/CD
04. Main Attrackionz ‘808s & Dark Grapes II’ (Type Records) Beats/ Rap/ Hip Hop
05. Photodementia ‘Figure 3’ (Photodementia) Electronic/Techno LP

 New Singles Releases 12.03.12

01. Logistics ‘We Are One (Nu:Logic Remix) / Timelapse’ (Hospital Records) Drum & Bass 12″
02. Technicolour & Komatic ‘We Were Always One/ The Glow’ (SGN:Ltd Recordings) Drum & Bass 12″
03. TMSV & June Miller ‘Ghost Ship/ Lost Cause’ (Black Box) Dubstep 12″

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