Memotone in KMag’s “Top Bass Releases of OCT 2011” (Posted By Rico)

Memotone "Memotone EP" (Raised By Records)

Memotone "Memotone Ep" (Raised By Records)Memotone in the “Top Bass Releases of Oct 11”

Memotone ‘Memotone EP” (Raised By Records)

Memotone are in Kmag’s the top bass releases for Oct 2011.
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After releasing several free EP’s and a 12” with Black Acre Records, Memotone brings his handmade aesthetic to the visual realm by creating a full cross media package. Track one shows off his live prowess having been recorded in one take; a great example of his engaging live show. The future holds sets at the Boiler Room online, a wealth of live shows and string of high-profile composition jobs.
Memotone’s second release in the form of a cross media package including printed artwork and an exclusive sample pack, all designed by himself.

NightShift [Preview] (Raised By Records)


01: Small Good Thing (Live)
02: Known
03: Nightshift

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  1. Rachel says:

    Nice one Rico 🙂

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