K-X-P Piccadilly Records Pick Of The Week (Posted By Harry)

K-X-P "Easy" (Melodic)

K-X-P "Easy" (Melodic)K-X-P ‘Easy’ is Pick Of The Week at Piccadilly Records

K-X-P ‘Easy’ (Melodic)

“Hot on the heels of their eponymous debut album (released on Smalltown Supersound in March ’11), Finnish electro-rock-stomp trio K-X-P are set to unleash a brand new three-track EP to mark their signing to Manchester’s Melodic label.

If the music contained within proves tricky to categorise, don’t expect any help from the band. With elements of glam rock, detroit techno, kraut rock, black metal, early electronica and much more in their minimalist music, are they an electronic band, a rock band, a punk band, a prog band, a pop band? “I kind of hope we can transcend those by-now-useless categories and become something more,” says Tuomo Puranen (bass, keyboards and the ‘P’ in the band’s name). “We’re an abstract sculpture made of sound and flesh!

With its clattering beat and insistent riff, Easy may be the band’s most ‘pop’ track to date, but the band say it’s not necessarily a statement of intent. “Making specific efforts in specific directions is for robots, automobiles and businessmen,” says Puranen. “Bands are at their best when they manage to get collectively lost, which can be an almost religious experience at times.” It comes backed with two other brand new tracks: the avant-garde Cymbalim and the rhythmic Suhu Moments.” (Text from Melodic Records- visit their website here)

K-X-P ‘Easy’ (Melodic Records)

01. Easy (Infinity Waits)
02. Suhu Moments
03. Cymbalim

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