New Albums & Singles Releases 02.04.12

New Albums & Singles Releases 02.04.12 (in no particular order) [Artist/Title/Label/Genre/Format] New Album Releases: 01. AU ‘Both Lights’ (The Leaf Label) Leftfield Pop LP/CD 02. Lotus Plaza ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ (Kranky) Leftfield Pop CD 03. X-O-DUS  ‘English Black Boys’ (LTM) Reggae CD 04. Vatican Shadow ‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’ (Type Records) Electronic LP … Continue reading

Ingredients Records Joins SRD!

Ingredients Records has joined SRD. 2012 is proving to be a good year, with changes and additions to the family, we’d like to welcome Ingredients Records to Southern Record Distributors. The label was started back in July 2009 by Clive Broe or as he is better known as, DJ Psylence. Ingredients Records represent the keys, … Continue reading

SRD signs with Zvooq Music Service

SRD logo

SRD News… SRD have just signed with a new digital partner and ‘music discovery engine’ Zvooq. Zvooz is based on ‘the idea is to launch a music, book and movie platform that will make money from catering to the huge, pent-up demand in a market of 65 million online punters in Russia.’ The concept of … Continue reading

The Seasons BBC Drama Workshop in The Times// Culture Review (Posted By Harry)

The Seasons (from the BBC Radio Schools Series ‘Drama Workshop’ Reviews (Trunk) The Times Written By Will Hodgkinson “Now Trunk has unearthed a legendary, long-buried album by the BBC Drama Workshop, which was designed for use with that staple of British primary school education in the early Seventies: the music and the movement class. Music … Continue reading

Raleigh Moncrief- Q Magazine Album Review (Posted By Harry)

Raleigh Moncrief

Raleigh Moncrief Q Album Review   Tracklisting 01. The Air 02. A Day Ti Due 03. I Just Saw 04. In This Grass 05. Cast Out For Days 06. Lament For Morning 07. The Right Idea 08. Don’t Shoot 09. Time Passed By 10. Waiting For My Brothers Here 11. Mothers

Teddy Music in The Guardian (Posted By Rico)

Teddy Music

Teddy Music on The Guardian Teddy Music Grime – The Compilation Teddy Music Out Now Teddy Music – Grime the Compilation is getting great attention for its collection, being described in The Guardian (as part of the article ‘Grime Grew Up’), as sounding “like David Starkey’s worst nightmare – all rowdy voices and unsubtle euphemisms … Continue reading

Kmag Interview with Horizons Music (Posted By Rico)

Kmag Interview with Horizons Music Internal Affairs Vol 2 Horizons Music Here’s a great little interview from Kmag with Neil Monteiro (head of Horizons and their sub-label Inside) about the compilation ‘Internal Affairs Vol 2’ KMAG Words: Stefan Mohamed “Horizons Music just put out the brilliant Internal Affairs 2 CD, which we featured in our … Continue reading

Listen Whitey! Uncut Album Review (Posted By Harry)

Listen Whitey

LISTEN WHITEY! Uncut Album Review Listen Whitey! The Sounds Of Black Power 1967-1974 Light In The Attic Uncut 4 Stars “Fascinating document of revolutionary era” ” More education than compilation, this anthology of music and spoken word was put together by producer Pat Thomas to accompany his similarly titled book. It’s packed with diverse performance … Continue reading

Youth Lagoon in Clash’s The Essential Ten (Posted By Harry)

Youth Lagoon 'The Year Of Hibernation' (LEFSE )

Youth Lagoon in Clash’s The Essential Ten Youth Lagoon The Year Of Hibernation Lefse Records #9: July (The Essential Ten) “Compelled to revisit this beautiful track by way of a newly released video, its melancholic lo-fi drone and quietly lisping vocal builds to include guitar, tambourine, xylophone and perhaps most endearingly, a triangle. Part- Connan … Continue reading

Dave Monolith 4 Star Review in Uncut (Posted By Harry)


Dave Monolith 4 Star Review in Uncut Dave Monolith Welcome Rephlex Uncut **** Classy intro to West Country knob-twiddler “While the world waits for new Aphex Twin material, his label Rephlex fills the gap by peddling the occasional producer who sounds quite like him. Nothing wrong with that, particularly when they’ve the programming chops of … Continue reading