New Albums & Singles Releases 07.06.19






New Albums & Singles Releases 07.06.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Hackney Colliery Band ‘Collaborations: Volume One’ Jazz/Rock/World
LP/CD HCB004/HCB005 (Veki Records)

Pelican ‘Nighttime Stories’ Metal/Instrumental Metal
2LP/CD LORD270/LORD270CD (Southern Lord)

The Mattson 2 ‘Paradise’ Psychedelic Prog-Jazz/Alternative
LP/CD CHI13LP/CHI13CD (Company Records)

Lucky and Love ‘Transitions’ Synthpop
CD LNL002 (Lucky and Love)

Mariee Sioux ‘Grief in Exile’ Singer-Songwriter/Folk/Psychedelic-Folk
CD Night Bloom Records 005CD (Night Bloom Records)

David Rosenboom ‘Brainwave Music’ Experimental
2LP Black Truffle 048 (Black Truffle)

Kungens Man ‘Chef’ Space-Rock
LP REPOSELP074X (Riot Season)

Dead Moon ‘Dead Moon : The Book’ Classic Garage-Rock
2LP + 300 PAGE BOOK MRP-101 (Mississippi Records)

GAS ‘Konigsforst’ Ambient
3LP+DL KOMPAKT370.2 (Kompakt)

Various Artists ‘Spearhead 100’ Drum & Bass
2CD SPEAR100CD (Spearhead Records)

A Sagittariun ‘Return To Telepathic Heights’ Techno/Electronic
LP RBINC004LP (Running Back Incantations)

S3A ‘Pages’ Electronic/DeepHouse/Disco/Funk
2LP DIRT118 (Dirt Crew Recordings)

Benjamin Fröhlich ‘Amiata’ Electronic/House
2LP PERMVAC 186-1 (Permanent Vacation)

Len Faki ‘Robot Evolution Remixes’ Electronic/Techno
2LP FIGURE X08 (Figure)

New Singles Releases:

TNO Project ‘Theres No Obsession’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” BREED25 (Knitebreed Records)

Pete Cannon ‘N4 Part 3’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” KF93 (Kniteforce Records)

Idealz ‘Heavyweight’ EP Old School Hardcore/Jungle/D’n’B
12” KF94 (Kniteforce Records)

Paperclip People / LCD Soundsystem ‘Throw’ Electronic/Detroit House
12” PLE65323-1 (Planet E)

Gerry Read ‘It’ll All Be Over’ Electronic/Deep House
12” PAMPA033 (Pampa Records)

lori ‘Tangerine Sky’ House
12” MULEMUSIQ240 (Mule Musiq)

YWF ‘Replaced’ EP Dub Techno
12” Echocord 082 (Echocord)

Kangding Ray ‘Predawn Qualia’ EP Techno/Experimental
12” ARA001 (ara)

John Tejada ‘Performance Review’ Techno/ House
12” PAL-070 (Palette Recordings)

Legowelt ‘Disco Rout Remixes’ Electronic/House
12” COR12164 (Cocoon Recordings)

Mount Liberation Unlimited ‘Climb Me Up (album sampler)’ Electronic/Deep/Jazzy/House/Downbeat
10” BARN066X1 (Studio Barnhus)

Bella Boo ‘Supervillain’ Electronic/Deep/Jazzy/House/Downbeat
12” BARN063 (Studio Barnhus)

Mik Poynter ‘Fat Filters Vol:1’ Electronic/Acid/Detroit/Techno
12” RMFF001 (R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings)

Henrik Villard ‘Someday’ Electronic/DeepHouse
12” TMN010 (Tooman Records)

Renart ‘Wyvern Chill Music’ Electronic/Electro/Breaks/Electronica
12” CRACKI049 (Cracki Records)

David Nicolas, Martinez, Dj Puma, Laurin ‘Bird Does Not Doze vol.3’ Electronic/Minimal
12” NMS005.3 (Nervmusic Records)

Various Artists ‘Beste Freunde 07’ Electronic/House
12” BFF07 (Beste Freunde)

Ntfo ‘Dobr’ EP Electronic/Deep/Tech/House
12” BOND12049 (Bondage-Music)

Perdu ‘Skye EP (Ft. DJ Boring remix)’ Electronic/Deep House
12” HEIST038 (Heist Recordings)

hvmble ‘Textures 3/4’ Electronic/House
12” hvm003 (hvmble)

Kevin Over ‘Tilman Split’ EP Electronic/DeepHouse
12” inex006 (Inhale Exhale Records)

Cooper Saver ‘Hill Street Beat /Star System (Matt Karmil, Prins Thomas mixes)’
12” INT038 (Internasjonal)

Zombies In Miami ‘Space is the Place’ EP Electronic/House
12” INT039 (Internasjonal)

Various Artists (mystery 4) ‘JJ052 Vinyl (4 track handstamped promo only)’
Electronic/Deep House

Moscoman ‘Wave Rave’ Electronic/House
12” LAD038 (Life and Death)

Christopher Ledger ‘Dark Moon’ EP Electronic/Minimal/House
12” Meander 27 (Meander)

Robert Dietz ‘Great Hormones At Bedtime’ EP Electronic/House
12” MFM06 (Misfit Melodies)

Acid Pauli & Nico Stojan ‘Flying Lizard’ Electronic/House/Electronica
12” Ouïe013 (Ouïe)

Fred P/Deetron ‘Lush Culture’ EP Electronic/Deep/House
12” PS002 (Perpetual Sound)

Cooper Saver ‘Coastal Breeze’ Electronic/House
12” PERMVAC 185-1 (Permanent Vacation)

Various Artists – Marc Bianco, Effgee, Wearing Shoes Feat. Javonntte, Roy Vision ‘Enjoy Your Cuppa Vol. 1’ Electronic/House
12” Quintesse65 (Quintessentials)

Fumiya Tanaka ‘Stinking Man’ EP Electronic/Minimal/House/Techno
12” SND 11 (Sundance)

Parallax Deep & Per Hammar ‘10YEARS12’ Electronic/Minimal/House
12” 10YEARS12 (10YEARS)

Times are Ruff & Siggatunez ‘3rdToThe6thFloor’ EP Electronic/House
12” TAR017 (Times are Ruff)

Saine & Smith ‘Dirty Games’ Electronic/Deep/House
12” 2MR-035LP (2MR)

Dj Tennis ‘Gordon Starck’ EP Electronic/House
12” RB078 (Running Back)

Alessio Viggiano ‘we_r_house 005’ Electronic/Deep/House
12” WRH005 (we_r_house)

Nosuchkey ‘AOM003’ Electronic/Techno
12” AOM003 (Art of Memory)

Bein ‘Undo Redo’ EP Electronic/Techno
12” BAO071 (Be As One Imprint)

Eskapist ‘Reality Is Fake (Volume 3.1)’ Electronic/Techno
12” FIGURE X06 (Figure)

Eskapist ‘Reality Is Fake (Volume 3.2)’ Electronic/Techno
12” FIGURE X07 (Figure)

Various Artists ‘5 Years Of Goldmin Music vol.1’ Electronic/Techno/Minimal
12” GMNV010.1 (Goldmin Music)

Greg Gow ‘Paradigm Shift’ Electronic/Techno
12” PLE65398-6 (Planet E)

Oliver Huntemann & André Winter ‘Kontakt 01: Reeperbahn’ Electronic/Techno
12” senso050 (Senso Sounds)

Craven Faults ‘Nunroyd Works’ Analogue Electronic
12” PARCEL529 (Lowfold Works)

Karen Marks ‘Cold Café’ Electronic/Indie/Pop/Electronica
12” ES012 (Efficient Space)

Feater ‘Time Million Feat. Vilja Larjosto (Blood Shanti Versions)’ Electronic/Dub
10” RBFEATERDUB1 (Running Back)

Woxow / Ken Boothe / Akil from J5 / Blurum13 / Dj Maars / Stimulus / Smile Davis ‘Woxow Remixes (Ltd. Orange Vinyl)’ HipHop/Reggae
7” LBM002 (Little Beat More)

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