New Albums & Singles Releases 08.10.12

New Albums & Singles Releases 08.10.12

These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

01. Daphni ‘JIAOLONG’ (Jiaolong) Electronic 2LP/CD
02. John Tejada ‘The Predicting Machine’ (Kompakt) Electronic/ Techno CD
03. Terrence Dixon ‘From The Far Future Pt 2’ (Tresor) Techno 2LP/CD
04. Erol Alkan ‘I Love Techno 2012’ (Lektroluv) Techno/Electronic CD
05. Data ‘Selected Visualizations’ (Horizons Music) Drum & Bass CD
06. Laid Back ‘Cosmic Vibes’ (Brother Music) Chill/ Balearic CD
07. Premiesku ‘Indirect’ (Desolat) Electronic CD
08. Stefan Goldmann ’17:50′ (Macro Recordings) Techno/ House 2LP/CD
09. Metope ‘Black Beauty’ (Areal) Electronic 2xLP+CD/CD
10. The Mountain Goats ‘Transcendental Youth’ (Tomlab) Americana CD
11. Obelyskkh ‘White Lightnin’ (Exile On Mainstream) Psychedelic Post-Rock Soundscapes/ Doom/ Sludge LP/CD
12. Borngraber & Struver ‘Clouds’ (M=Minimal) Modern Classical/Ambient CD
13. Borngraber & Struver ‘Urlaub/ In G’ (M=Minimal) Electro-Kraut/ Ambient CD
14. David Thor Jonsson ‘Improvised Piano Works #1’ (Radio Bongo) Leftfield/ Contemporary Classical LP (with free CD)
15. John Dowie ‘An Arc Of Hives’ (Boutique) Alternative Comedy CD

New Singles Releases

1. Various ‘The Other Side Pt.1’ (Symmetry Recordings) Drum & Bass 2×12″
2. Tyke ‘Nightmares EP’ (Grid Recordings UK) Drum & Bass 2×12″
3. Data ‘Visualizations 3 EP’ (Horizons Music) Drum & Bass 2×12″
4. Naibu ‘Fireflies (Light MIX) / Write The Future’ (Horizons Music) Drum & Bass 12″
5. Naibu ‘There/ Doubts (Spineline Remix) (Inside Recordings) Drum & Bass 12″
6. Dexcell ‘Face The Music’ (Mastermind Records) Drum & Bass 12″
7. Sure Thing ‘Holding You Tight/ (instrumental)’ (Gutterfunk Recordings) Disco/Boogie 12″
8. John Tejada ‘Orbiter’ (Kompakt) Techno 12″
9. Echologist ‘Buzz Factory EP’ (Echocord Colour) Dub Techno Coloured 12″
10. Marcel Fengler ‘Frantic EP’ (Ostgut Ton) Techno 12″
11. Joe Le Bon ‘Always Sunshine EP’ (Pro-tez) House 12″
12. Arjuna Schiks ‘Decisions’ (Trebstoff) Techno 12″
13. Martin Eden ‘Worker’ (Lefse Records) Electronic 7″
14. Ergo Phizmiz ‘It’s A Sin’ (Care In The Community Recordings) Leftfield Pop 7″

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