New Albums & Singles Releases 22.10.12

Cemeteries 'The Wilderness' (Lefse)

New Albums & Singles Releases 22.10.12

These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

01. Cemeteries ‘The Wilderness’ (Lefse) Dream-Pop/ Indie- Folk CD
02. Rites Of Spring ‘Six Song Demo’ (Dischord Records) Classic Dischord/ Hardcore Punk 10″ LP/CD
03. Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox ‘Connected’ (Kranky) Ambient/ Leftfield CD
04. T.G. Elias ‘T.G. Elias’ (The Viper Label) Gospel/Country/Blues CD
05. Earth ‘Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II’ (Southern Lord) Ambient/ Rock 2LP Picture Disc
06. Jessica Bailiff ‘At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky’  (Kranky) Folk/ Psych/Ambient/Americana LP
07. Lungfish ‘Talking Songs For Walking’ (Dischord Records) Post- Hardcore LP+MP3
08. Lungfish ‘Indivisible’ (Dischord Records) Post-Hardcore LP+ MP3
09. Fieldhead ‘A Correction’ (Gizeh) Leftfield/Ambient LP
10. BCee ‘Remix The System LP’ (Spearheads Records) Drum & Bass CD
11. Micheal Mayer ‘Mantasy’ (Kompakt) Electronic 2LP/CD
12. Norman Nodge ‘Berghain 06’ (Osgut Ton) Techno/ Electronic  CD
13. Daniel Maloso ‘In And Out’ (Comeme)  House/ Disco/ Latin 2LP/CD
14. Dino Sabatini  ‘Shaman’s Pat’ (Prologue) Electronic CD
14. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts ‘Twice Around The Sun’ (Circus Company) House CD
15. Fanta Dorado Und Der Innere Kreis ‘Fanta Dorado Und Der Innere Kreis’ (Italic) Neo Kraut CD
16. Falko Brocksieper ‘Shortcake Strategy’ (Treibstoff) Electronic/ Techno 12″

New Singles Releases:
01. Various ‘The Other Side Pt.2’ (Symmetry Recordings) Drum & Bass 2 x 12″
02. Technimatic ‘Unfinished Business/ She Knows It’ (SGN:LTD Recordings) Drum & Bass 12″
03. Ruffhouse ‘The Foot / Bypass” (Ingredients Records) Drum & Bass 12″
03. Clarity ‘Twisted Logic / Parallels (Sabre remix) (Horizons Music) Drum & Bass 12″
04. BCee ‘Remix The System LP Sampler’ (Spearheads Records) Drum & Bass 12″
05. V/A ‘Big Bad & Heavy Part Three Xtra’ (Chronic) Drum & Bass 12″
06. Mark Broom I Birds Two Cage I Patrick Gräser ‘Berghain 06’ (Ostgut Ton) Techno 12″
07. Dusty Kid/ Le Dust Sucker ‘Tuning 09’ (Boxer) Technohouse/ Disco Coloured  12″
08. Dole & Kome ‘Darze E.P’ (Acker) Techhouse 12″

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