Organs Of Love//Leftfield Single Of The Month in DJ (Posted By Harry)

Organs Of Love

Organs Of LoveOrgans Of Love//
Leftfield Single Of The Month

in DJ

Organs Of Love
Optimo Music

Organs Of LoveJames McKinven’s musical odyssey started with playing synth in (Kraftwerk, Suicide-inspired) electro band Berlin Blondes. He then moved on to Altered ImagesBerlin Blondes. After that he worked in Genetic Studios learning from the modern-day genius that was producer Martin Rushent (Human League, The Stranglers, The Buzzcocks). Then went on to form One Dove and worked with maverick genius Andy Weatherall. After that he drifted back to where it all started, Analog Electro, and Miss Alicia Matthews.
Alicia Matthews has quite a different background – one from fine art and performance. Through working together at the same bar and having many intoxicating late night chats, they decided to try to get back to a 70s theatrical, musical performance: where live music and art combine for something beyond the rock gig vibe. And luckily enough, Miss Matthews has quite the pair of pipes – a true vocal delight. The result is ORGANS OF LOVE…who frequently perform live around Glasgow and have quite the reputation of the band to see.

Organs Of Love 
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