Tiny Ruins 4 Star Album Review in MOJO (Posted By Harry)

Tiny Ruins- Some Were Meant For Sea

Tiny Ruins - Some Were Meant For SeaSome Were Meant For Sea gets 4 Stars in MOJO

Tiny Ruins Some Were Meant For Sea (Woo Me!)

“There’s not a lot to the debut album by Bristol-born, New Zealand-raised Tiny Ruins, aka Holly Fullbrook, but that’s the whole point. Sounding like it was recorded in a vacuum with just Fullbrook and her guitar-plus her own occasional cello and piano- a bubble of time stands still for lovers, heartbreakers, cats, pigeons, idealistic young girls reading Cannery Row, and a priest who ties balloons to himself so he can float nearer to God. her voice, somewhere between Karen Dalton and Nathaniel Rateliff, is filled with contradictions fragile yet forthright, vulnerable but fiercely determined-the lyrics allusive and elusive as dreams fight unspoken harsh realities in a spell that the merest whisper of the outside world might break. “Lean in my friends, I’ve a tale to tell,” begins opener Old As The Hills. It’s a tale you’ll never put down.” Written By Andy Fyfe

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