Zion Train “State of Mind” Reviews and Tour Dates (Posted by Tony)

Zion Train "State Of Mind"

Zion Train "State Of Mind" (Universal Egg)Zion Train “State of Mind” Reviews and Tour Dates

Zion Train “State Of Mind” (Universal Egg)

“You can’t doubt the importance of Zion Train as far as British dub reggae acts go.”- The Other Side Magazine

“State of Mind” follows hot on the heels of the superbly received ‘Best of’ compilation, ‘Dub Revolutionaries.’ The band’s staple ingredients of brass bass, dubwise rhythms and hard electronic beats are combined with new additions of violin, viola and dub poetry, making “State of Mind”, a step forward for the Zion Train. Featured artists include Brinsley Forde of Aswad alongside Zion Train’s own Dubdadda and Lua, not to mention the up and coming Jamaican Dub Poetess Jazzmin Tutum.”


“State of Mind does not deviate too much from the tried and tested formula of heavy basslines, brass instrument backing and maxed out reverb. This is party music – so don’t think about snuggling up on the sofa and listening to it over a cup of tea. As usual, there’s a great list of invitees, including Zion Train regular turned soloist Dubdadda, who appears on  ‘State Of Mind’ and ‘Rainbow Children’.  The latter threatens to sound dated especially in the choice of song name – but is rescued by the rough ‘n’ tough lyrical fronting of former Aswad frontman Brinsley Forde.”
Ed Stocker

Penny Black Magazine
“After having perfected the sound of UK reggae, Zion Train and their Universal Egg label, plus the Deep Root offshoot, released a string of releases showing the state of UK reggae music…”State Of Mind” foremost is and remains the Zion Train album..(which) continues to pave the way. These are all steady beats and dub grooves.”
Maarten Schiethart

Morning Star 3/5 stars
“Zion Train are well-known to festival-goers in Britain as one of the best live purveyors of the genre.
This is their 12th studio album and it contains no surprises. It’s a highly polished slab of mostly instrumental, highly danceable, electro dub. The techno influence pervades a couple of tracks, notably Ital Stew, and some charming English fiddle playing crops up throughout. But otherwise the sound remains entirely faithful to the traditions of the genre – hard punchy rhythms, deep basslines and regal brass melodies. Accomplished and effective.”
Dan Glazebrook

Tour Dates 2011

28th October @ Eat Your Greens, The Masque, Liverpool UK
29th October@ Lodge Park Sports Centre, Corby UK
2nd November @ Lucerna Music Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
3rd November @ SubClub, Bratislava, Slovakia
4th November @ Barrack , Ostrava, Czech Republic
5th November @ M Club, Valaske Mezirnci, Czech Republic
1oth November @ Stadtwerksatt, Linz, Austria
11th November @ Sakog, St Panteleon, Austria
12th November @ Glashaus, Spittal an der Drau, Austria
17th November @ Alibi, Wroclaw, Poland
18th November @ Eskulap, Poznan, Poland
19th November @ 1500m, Warszawa, Poland
20th November @ Ucho, Gdynia, Poland
25th November @ TMN ao Vivo, Lisboa, Portugal
26th November @ Festival Des Linertes, Brussels, Belgium

Tribute to Shura – Zion Train

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