DyE “Fantasy” gets over 900,000 hits on YouTube (Posted By Harry)

DYE 'Fantasy'

DyE  'Taki 183' (Tigersushi)DyEFantasy” gets over 900,000 hits on YouTube

DyE  ‘Taki 183’

“Under the guise of DyE we find ʻTaki 183,ʼ an enigmatic debut Album from Juan de Guillebon; long time bass player to the demanding training of the Parisian electronic scene – Joakim & The Disco, Botox and Maestro.
DyE has said of ʻTaki 183ʼ that it ʻis a personal and progressive urban designʼ already popular with artists as diverse as James Murphy, DJ Mehdi, Erol Alkan and James Holden. Sometimes dreamy electro-pop or excessive shoe gaze, and then often introverted dubstep and hallucinogenic nu-disco.

“Tigersushi and Excuse My French  present the new video for DyE’s new single, Fantasy. Directed by animation wunderkind Jérémie Périn, the video tells the story of a group of highschool kids ready for teenage mischief. They break into the local swimming pool intending a session of innocent nightswimming, in an awkward climate of romance and apprehension…”

DyE ‘Fantasy’ Official Video by Jérémie Périn

Directed by Jérémie Périn
Written by Laurent Sarfati & Jérémie Périn
Artistic Direction by Mikael Robert

DyE plans to take the album on the road and is already booked at Social Club,
Pompideu Centre and Le Machine. Lovers of the album can expect to see DyE “pushing the limits of
spectral delirium and Tightness.” After all, in his own words, he is “the man who speaks to the
ears of robots.” 

DyE  ‘Taki 183’  (Tigersushi)

01. Nike.
02. Fantasy.
03. Cristal DʼAcier.
04. Vader.
05. Immortals Only.
06. Hole In Ocean.
07. Mattias & Charlotte.
08. Dark White.
09. Taki 183.
10. Star Vac.

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