DJ Brackles/ i-D Interview & Exclusive Mix (Posted By Harry)


DJ Brackles in iDExclusive Mix: DJ Brackles

Brackles is a shining star of the London club scene, renowned for his luscious mixes of house and garage with an RnB twist.

A stalwart at Rinse FM, Brackles holds down his weekly show every Thursday from 2-4PM. Not just a DJ, he’s also a producer in his own right, creating sounds that make dance floors shake and crowds rejoice. With an LP due this summer, he’s the selector behind our latest DJ mix, perfect for Spring! We caught five with Brackles to find out more about the sounds, his forthcoming LP and what he has coming up in 2012.

Hello Brackles, how are you? Yes all good thanks, just had a wicked weekend hanging out in Bristol.

What have you been up to recently? Been DJ’ing on the Rinse tour with Zinc, P money, Roska, Plastician and Elijah & Skilliam. So far we’ve done Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow and Birmingham. I’ve also been finishing up my CD Rinse presents Brackles. It’s got 10 tracks on it with 5 vocals and 5 instrumentals.

When did you realise that music would be your career path? As soon as I got decks when I was 15 I knew I wanted to try and do it for a living but never thought it would happen. Started thinking it might be possible once I finished doing music technology in Nottingham and I had a better idea what I was doing with making tunes.

What made you start producing music? Main thing was because I wanted to get more DJ bookings and needed the dubplates to make that happen. I love making music now but that was the first thing that pushed me towards it. Getting into garage made me want to DJ as I was so into the music and wanted to be involved. That and thinking that girls might chat to you at house parties if you were DJ’ing haha!

What has been your favourite gig to date? Playing Dubwar in New York was pretty amazing. Was the first time I had played in New York and just had me buzzing to be playing garage/funky/dubstep and see people going nuts.

Who’s producing your favourite sounds at the moment? Funkystepz keep amazing me, they’re so prolific. Loving Walton’s stuff and X5 dubs is making some tunes as well.

What are we likely to hear in a Brackles mix? A lot of House, UK funky and broken kinda styles, also been playing more grime recently.

When will we be hearing some new sounds from you? The “Rinse presents” CD should be dropping mid May.

What are the five tunes you currently have on rotation?
C4 – Off Track. Slick beat from Preditah, the chorus is too catchy, Brackles – Chasing Crazy feat. Cherri V. Forthcoming tune off my CD and probs my fave track on there. Gifted and Blessed – Grandfather Fire. Can’t find a fault in this tune, I pretty much like anything with an arpeggio in it. Fuzzy Logik & Myshy – Pose. Love how cheeky the chorus is, samples my favourite Kraftwerk track as well. Bill Withers – I Want To Spend The Night. Forgot about this tune until I heard it in the car to Bristol and can’t stop listening to it now.

Where can we catch you spinning in the coming months?
Rinse tour Liverpool on 17th March
Roska Kicks and Snares fabric 23rd March
Rinse and FWD in Paris 29th March
Rinse tour Brighton 31st March
Utrecht, Netherlands 6th April
Stanton Sessions @ Cable 7th April
Aix en Provence 13th April

Anything else you would like to add… Have a good time, all the time.

Rinse Presents : Brackles is due for release May 7th

iD online: Exclusive Mix // Brackles

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