Zwischenwelt review in MOJO APRIL ISSUE (posted by Harry)

MOJO APRIL ISSUE Zwischenwelt **** Paranormale Aktivitat Rephlex “Last year’s excellent Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics compilation shonea light on an overlooked ’80’s post-punk/synth pop hybrid”  

ZWISCHENWELT “Disc of The Day” on theartsdesk (posted by Harry)

theartsdesk review CD: Zwischenwelt – Paranormale Aktivitat Written by Joe Muggs “The Detroit electro-techno duo of James Stinson and Gerald Donald aka Drexciya never gave away their secrets easily. Almost completely anonymous and never photographed during their 10-year existence” “Paranormale Aktivitat, as the name suggests, is a creepy record. Themes of clairvoyance and breaking through … Continue reading