Zinc on ‘I HATE FUN’ (Posted By Harry)


Zinc on ‘I HATE FUN‘ blogspot (‘I HATE FUN’- Part of Vice blogging network) Review of Sprung EP (Rinse) Read the review here. @djzinc soundcloud.com/zinc   Zinc- Crackhouse Mix

VICE – Feature ‘Five People DJ Sprinkles Would Like To Fuck (posted by Harry)

DJ Sprinkles is an alias of Kawasaki-based DJ, Queer theory iconoclast and Transgender philosopher Terre Thaemlitz. The highbrow dance music Terre has been making since the 1980s has attracted plenty of big words, too. We can get down with ‘deep house’ and ‘ambient drift’, but when the guys at The Wire or the ‘We actually … Continue reading