Rough Trade Shops ‘Top 100 Albums of the Year 2011’ (Posted By Harry)

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Rough Trade Shops Albums of the Year 2011 Top 100 Everyone loves a list, Nick Hornby knew it and wrote a book based on them, and now Rough Trade have produced a very fine list, and it’s always nice to see artists that we distribute for, in the list. Here at SRD, we’ll be posting … Continue reading

Unknown Mortal Orchestra NME review (Posted by Harry)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Album Review True Panther Fantastic Album Review, read it here in NME 8/10 “Most people sleep in their bedrooms. Some, like Ruban Nielson, create genius albums in them. The Portland based Kiwi’s confessed ‘hobby’ is almost unwillingly accomplished, a scruff blend of shuffling funk and psych nostalgia that feels a lot more … Continue reading