Ultraphallus 4 stars in Mojo (posted by Harry)

Ultraphallus – Sowberry Hagan “This Belgian quartet warp genres with an atmospheric mix of churning riffage, seasick tempos, electronic dirge and sax abuse.” Mojo HEAD HERITAGE / JULIAN COPE “There’s a satanic inventiveness of presentation to this SOWBERRY HAGAN – in its cinematic presentation that pitches this record outside of categories and into ‘instructional’ i.e.: … Continue reading

Ultraphallus in Metal Hammer

Ultraphallus interview by Melanie Aschenbrenner in Metal Hammer. Ultraphallus have just released their third ultra-varied album, Sowberry Hagan. “Sowberry…, may be the Belgians’ finest offering yet.” Metal Hammer Magazine Ultraphallus facebook page Ultraphallus website