Balam Acab – “Wander / Wonder” Nice Reviews (Posted By Harry)

Balam Acab

Balam Acab “Wander / Wonder” CD/ LP (Tri Angle) Reviews for “Wander / Wonder” State: “…This isn’t background music, it demands good speakers or headphones to get the full effect. One of the main developments in Koone’s music is an increased use of space and sense of depth: it’s less claustrophobic and more fully realised … Continue reading

Listen…. How to Dress Well: “Ready for the World” xxxy Re-Edit (posted by Harry)

How to Dress Well: “Ready for the World” (xxxy Re-Edit) Tri-Angle Records Producer and UK Garage disciple xxxy, who previously brought us the BNT’d single “Ordinary Things”, has applied his two-stepped magic to How to Dress Well’s Love Remains cut “Ready for the World”. Pitchfork: Forkcast (Posted by Larry Fitzmaurice) March 2, 2011