Panda Bear Live Review// The Guardian (Posted By Harry)

Panda Bear TOMBOY

Panda Bear: between control and chaos. Live Review// The Guardian 4 out of 5 Stars “There are vicious crackles from the speakers, weird jolts of volume, and then, in the final song, the soundsystem shrieks and snaps off altogether. For most bands, such as irregularities might be disastrous. With Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox, they … Continue reading

The Skinny – Panda Bear – Cover Feature – April 2011 (posted by Harry)

Panda Bear: “The guitar is still a real source of power” Posted by Darren Carle, Wed 06 Apr 2011 Taking subtle cues from Nirvana and fatherhood, Noah ‘Panda Bear’ Lennox unveils his inner Tomboy How do you follow up one of the most acclaimed alternative records of the past few years? Well, for Noah Lennox, … Continue reading

Panda Bear Reviews…. Pitchfork 8.5, NME, The Word, Clash (posted by Harry)

Pitchfork – review 8.5 – April 11, 2011 written by Jess Harvell “Noah Lennox’s Panda Bear project has always been about making “difficult” music scan as almost radio-friendly, to translate experimental moves to a broad audience with little interest in such things. It’s a strategy he learned, at least in part, from sonic forebears like … Continue reading

Panda Bear – The Guardian – Album Review – 8 April 2011 (posted by Harry)

Panda Bear: Tomboy – review (Paw Tracks) Guardian Album Review – written by Maddy Costa “A note of caution: listen to Tomboy for the first time after a frazzling day and it might just give you a migraine. Noah Lennox’s follow-up to his rapturous 2007 album Person Pitch is as demanding and nerve-needling as a hungry, tired … Continue reading

Panda Bear – Uncut – The Uncut Playlist – April 2011 (posted by Harry)

The Uncut Playlist: Panda Bear – Tomboy Pawtracks “Much-delayed solo effort from the Animal Collectives’s Brian Wilson figure materialises, given a final tweak by Sonic Boom”    

Panda Bear – Q – Hit List :: April 2011 (posted by Harry)

Panda Bear :: Tomboy

  HitLIST Whats rocking the Q Stereo: PANDA BEAR Tomboy PAW  TRACKS, LP “In between designing shoes, Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox has crafted a superb set of dreamy indie-psyche.”