Eyvind Kang in The Wire (Posted By Harry)

Eyvind Kang

Eyvind Kang in The Wire Eyvind Kang The Narrow Garden Ipecac Recordings (Click to read full review)

Karen Dalton Reviews in MOJO//The Wire// The Line Of Best Fit (Posted By Harry)

Karen Dalton 1966' (Delmore Recordings)

Karen Dalton Review in MOJO// The Wire// The Line Of Best Fit MOJO Review 4 Stars 1966 Delmore Recordings “Late folk singer’s legend grows ever stronger as these 14 bewitching tracks taped in a Colorado mountain cabin in the mid- 1960s shine more light on that ancient voice. Comprehensive linear notes from MOJO’s Ben Edmonds.” … Continue reading

Matthew Bourne Reviews// BBC Music// The Wire + more (Posted By Harry)

Matthew Bourne

Matthew Bourne Reviews Montauk Variations The Leaf Label Release 06.02.12 BBC Music Martin Longley “Usually, the Wiltshire keyboardist Matthew Bourne is heard in a combo context, habitually making music of a more violently improvisatory nature, hunkered down with elements ripped out of dance music, rock and abstract electronica. That’s just the kind of sound that … Continue reading

The Wire reviews Alias: Fever Dream (Posted By Harry)

Alias Fever Dream

The Wire reviews Alias Fever Dream (Anticon) “Freshly inspired by contemporary R&B, producer Alias comes across like a proverbial kid in a candy store, frantically cramming in as much as his palate can handle, revelling in the tangy contrast of colours and flavours that results. Artists such as Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing have demonstrated  … Continue reading

John Maus – July 2011…. Feature in the Wire and Album Review in The Stool Pigeon (posted by Harry)

John Maus – We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves Now out on Upset the Rhythm Feature in The Wire “Perhaps appropriately, Maus regards his latest work with a degree of ambivalence. ‘I was hoping this record would be some kind of transition into a middle period, you know, some kind of “[symphony] number … Continue reading