“This is house music at its very best” The Field’s Q Review (Posted By Harry)

The Field-Looping State Of Mind (Kompakt)

Q Review of The Field’s  ‘Looping State Of Mind’ The Field “Looping State Of Mind” (Kompakt) “…Each of the album’s seven tracks starts with a simple groove and meticulously builds on those foundations, creating a collection of electronic soundscapes that somehow occupy a parallel space between the dancefloor and the after-party…Boundless and ecstatic, this is … Continue reading

John Maus – July 2011…. Feature in the Wire and Album Review in The Stool Pigeon (posted by Harry)

John Maus – We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves Now out on Upset the Rhythm Feature in The Wire “Perhaps appropriately, Maus regards his latest work with a degree of ambivalence. ‘I was hoping this record would be some kind of transition into a middle period, you know, some kind of “[symphony] number … Continue reading

Mowest – July 2011 New Album Reviews – The Stool Pigeon – (posted by Harry)

Motown's Mowest Story

‘Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love ‘ : Motown’s Mowest Story 1971-1973 Soul/Motown on Light In The Attic The Stool Pigeon – Album Review – July 2011 “a smattering of quality obscurities that seemingly everybody missed, and a nicely annotated label history, and you got yourself the first killer comp for summer 2011” … Continue reading