Earth’s Dylan Carlson: Guardian Feature (Posted By Harry)

Earth 'Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II'

“There was a time when knowledge was magical; music was magical. It was a magical world..” Guardian Feature Written By Jamie Thomson “Releasing albums as partworks is rarely a sign of an artist at peace with themselves. It can be a grand act of self-delusion and hubris (see the Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion … Continue reading

NEW Album & Single Releases for 05.12.11

Fingerbobs – Original Television Music' V/A (Rick Jones/Michael Cole/Michael Jessett)

New Album Releases 05.12.11 (in no particular order) [Artist/Title/Label/Genre/Format] 01. Danny Wheeler ‘Universal Language’ (W10 Records) Drum & Bass CD 02. Photodementia ‘Figure 3’ (Photodementia) Electronic/ Techno LP/Cassette 03. Raleigh Moncrief ‘Watered Lawn’ (Anticon) Leftfield Pop CD 04. V/A (Rick Jones/ Michael Cole/ Michael Jessett) ‘Fingerbobs- Original Television Music’ (Trunk) LP/ Cassette 05. Sunn O))) … Continue reading