Tim Hecker #2 in Drowned in Sound’s 50 Favourite Albums Of The Year 2011 (Posted By Harry)

Tim Hecker (Kranky)

Tim Hecker in DiS 50 Favourite Albums Of The Year Tim Hecker// Ravedeath 1972 [Kranky] Great news that Tim Hecker has been placed at #2 in Drowned In Sound’s albums end of year list, an album that definitely deserves it. Tim Hecker ‘Hatred of Music I’ [Kranky] Here’s the list in full, see what you … Continue reading

Eight SRD Artists in RA Top 20 Albums 2011 list (Posted By Harry)

John Maus (Upset The Rhythm)

RA 20 Top Albums Of 2011 Pretty pleased that not one, not even two, but eight artists that we distribute for has made it into RA’s Top 20 Albums Of 2011. Here’s the list: #20 John Maus // We Must Become The Pitiless Sensors Of Ourselves [Upset The Rhythm] John Maus, an art school grad … Continue reading

Nicolas Jaar is Mixmag’s Album Of The Year (Posted By Harry)

Space Is Only Noise is Mixmag‘s #1 Album Of The Year Nicolas Jaar– Space Is Only Noise (Circus Company) # 1 Album Of The Year “It’s rare for an album released right at the start of the year to be still fresh in our consciousness, but the deep, intelligent house and electronica from this frighteningly … Continue reading

Blue Daisy// Nicolas Jaar// Walls in MOJO’s Electronica Top Ten Albums 2011 (Posted By Harry)

Blue Daisy

MOJO‘s ELECTRONICA TOP TEN ALBUMS 2011 Compiled By Stephen Worthy 01. Blue Daisy         The Sunday Gift (Black Acre) 02. Machinedrum Room (s) (Planet Mu) 03. Zomby Dedication (4AD) 04. Nicolas Jaar         Space Is Only Noise (Circus Company) 05. James Blake James Blake (Atlas/ A&M) 06. Africa Hitech 93 Million Miles (Warp) 07. Kode … Continue reading

Nicolas Jaar Electronic Album Of The Month In Mojo (posted by Harry)

Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar **** Space is Only Noise Circus Company   Album Of The Month In Mojo “Ivy League student’s enchanting techno offshoot.” “He’s the creator of ‘blue wave’, a form of slow-mo experimental techno.” “Somewhere amid the complicated Venn diagram you’ll find Ethiopian jazz, Erik Satie, Ricardo Villalobos and John Cage.” written by Stephen Worthy … Continue reading

Nicolas Jaar 8.4 review on Pitchfork (posted by Harry)

Nicolas Jaar

* Rising: Nicolas Jaar – Album Review 8.4 Space Is Only Noise – Nicolas Jaar [Circus Company; 2011] Strange can exist anywhere, but we have a habit of thinking only the maximal and unhinged– Captain Beefheart, Basement Jaxx, R. Kelly– are truly weird. How bizarre can the music of Philip Glass or Wolfgang Voigt really … Continue reading