Shogun Audio To Repress Rockwell’s ‘Tripwire/ The Rain’ (Posted By Rico)

Repress of Rockwell’s ‘Tripwire/ The Rain’ Rockwell ‘Tripwire / The Rain’ Drum and Bass 12” (Shogun Audio Recordings) Due to popular demand, Shogun Audio Recordings will be repressing 300 more of Rockwell’s ‘Tripwire/The Rain’. Sounds good to us. Rockwell – Tripwire – Tripwire / The Rain – Shogun Audio [SHA053] – Side A Rockwell – … Continue reading

Shogun Audio ‘Way Of The Warrior’ LP (Posted by Rico)

Shogun Audio

Shogun Audio Presents ‘Way Of The Warrior’ LP ‘Way Of The Warrior’ LP (Shogun Audio) released on 17th October 2011 In celebration of their 50th release, Shogun Audio will be unveiling to the world ‘The Way Of The Warrior.’ Full CD, vinyl and digital release will be available on the 17th October, complete with 12 … Continue reading