Jim Ford’s nice review in Uncut and Mojo (Posted by Harry)

Jim Ford Review in Uncut “The baddest white man on the planet” “…Jim Ford inspired an uncommon level of worship from the  musicians who knew him, yet he only released one album in his lifetime – 1969’s Harlan County, available again as a new reissue from the Light In The Attic label…” Written by Rob … Continue reading

Joey Negro: ‘Soul of Disco 3’ 4/5 at Resident advisor (posted by Harry)

Joey Negro

Various Artists – Joey Negro: The Soul of Disco Volume 3 Z Records Resident Advisor review written by Bruce Tantum “One of the joys of ’70s disco—and there are many—is its inherent dichotomy. There’s a built-in push-pull tension in many, if not most, disco tracks, with the top end (vocals, keys, guitars, horns, strings and what-have-you) … Continue reading

Great Colin Stetson Review On Pitchfork (posted by Harry)

Colin Stetson New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges 8.2 Written by Mark Richardson, March 3, 2011 Once in a while, I can convince myself that it’s impossible to say anything truly new in music. There has been so much music made and documented in the last 50 years, my thinking goes, that the best we … Continue reading