Searching For Sugar Man :: Rodriguez Reviews (Posted By Harry)


SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN REVIEWS IN MOJO & Q. MOJO Review: Written By Mark Paytress. 4 Star Review. ******************************************************************************************************* Q Review: Written By Ali Catterall

Lotus Plaza get 4/5 in Q Magazine (Posted By Harry)

LOTUS PLAZA – 4 STAR Q REVIEW. Lotus Plaza ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ Leftfield Pop LP/CD KRANK166LP / KRANK166 (Kranky)   OUT NOW.         Tracklisting: 01. Untitled 02. Strangers 03. Out of Touch 04. Dusty Rhodes 05. White Galactic One 06. Monoliths 07. Jet Out of the Tundra 08. Eveningness 09. Remember … Continue reading

Talls Firs in Q (Posted By Harry)

Tall Firs (ATP)

Q Review: Tall Firs Out Of It And Into It ATP Recordings Tracklist: 01. Suffer So Long 02. Waiting On A Friend 03. Axeman 04. Suicide 05. I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face 06. Vertigo 07. Crooked Smiles 08. Edge Of The World 09. Whole Thing Is Over 10. Reveille Of Babylon 11. Loss … Continue reading