JK Flesh Feature and Review in Terrorizer (Posted By Harry)

JK Flesh

JK Flesh in Terrorizer. JK Flesh ‘Posthuman’ Industrial/Electronic/Metal/Post-Dubstep 2LP/CD (3by3) “Posthuman certainly resembles the darker side of Broadrick’s sound (circa Techno Animal, Godflesh and Greymachine) but simultaneously contextualises this within the unfamiliar turf of the post- dubstep/industrial canon pushed by 3by3, finding a fitting home in the process. The result is an album of soul-crushingly … Continue reading

JK Flesh in Metal Hammer (Posted By Harry)

Justin Broadrick © Mark Harris

JK Flesh in Metal Hammer. JK Flesh ‘Posthuman’ Industrial/Electronic/Metal/Post-Dubstep 2LP/CD (3by3) Metal Hammer Feature: Written By Toby Cook. (Click to enlarge.) Tracklist: 01 Knuckledragger 5:29 02 Idle Hands  6:19 03 Devoured  6:22 04 Punchdrunk  7:05 05 Posthuman  6:32 06 Earthmover   5:46 07 Dogmatic  5:57 08 Underfoot  5:51 09 Walk Away  6:30