Trunk Records in MOJO’s Top 10 Soundtracks Of The Year (Posted By Harry)

Fingerbobs – Original Television Music' V/A (Rick Jones/Michael Cole/Michael Jessett)

3 Trunk Records in MOJO’s Top Ten   Compiled By Andrew Male 01. Tindersticks Claire Denis Film Scores 1996- 2010 (Constellation) 02. Lalo Schifrin Pretty Maids All In a Row (Film Score 03. Adrian Corker Way Of The Morris (OST) 04. Alberto Inglesias Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Silva Screen) 05. Sonic Youth Simon Werner … Continue reading

New Album & Single Releases for 14.11.11

Various Artists 'Hardcore Underground 5' (Hardcore Underground)

New Album Releases 14.11.11 (in no particular order) [Artist/Title/Label/Genre/Format] Dance 01. Various Artists ‘Hardcore Underground 5’ (Hardcore Underground) Hardcore Rave 4 xCD 02. Joakim ‘Nothing Gold’ (Tigersushi) Electronic LP 03. Various Artists ‘World’s Funkiest Covers’ (Cultures Of Soul) Funk/Soul/ Afro Beat LP/CD 04. Xaver Von Treyer ‘The Torino Scale’ (Supersoul Recordings) Electronic CD 05. Lars … Continue reading