Petar Dundov//Resident Advisor Review (Posted By Harry)

Petar Dundov// Resident Advisor Review. Petar Dundov Ideas  From The Pond Music Man Resident Advisor Written By Daniel Petry “There’s something uncontrived about Petar Dundov’s music. It goes from chord change to chord change while always sounding completely natural. Achieving this takes careful consideration, of course. But this is also due to his particularly upfront, … Continue reading

Tiny Ruins // BBC Review (Posted By Harry)

Tiny Ruins- Some Were Meant For Sea

Tiny Ruins BBC Review Tiny Ruins – Some Were Meant For Sea (Woo Me!) “It’s apt the first line of Kiwi Hollie Fullbrook’s debut album as Tiny Ruins is, “Lean in friend, and I’ll tell you a tale.” Much like the ramblings of a weathered elder, her songs are best given full attention, and it’s … Continue reading

Office Of Future Plans in Alternative Press // Review (Posted By Harry)

Office Of Future Plans (Dischord)

Alternative Press //Review OOFP Office Of Future Plans (Dischord) The band Office Of Future Plans’ name is a nod to Terry Gwillam’s black comedy Brazil and also Dick Cheney’s Office Of Special Plans (whose sole purpose was to provide justification for the invasion of Iraq…) “The theory being: the blandest and most bureaucratic designations hide … Continue reading

Quantic on BBC Music (Posted By Rico)


Quantic Review on BBC Music The Best Of Quantic Quantic (Tru Thoughts) “From a remarkably youthful beginning, Will Holland has been startlingly omnivorous in his musical tastes. Operating as Quantic his talents as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, tunesmith and all-round maven have produced a hugely impressive body of work…along with the original Quantic-as-dancefloor-producer beginnings, from the turn … Continue reading