Petar Dundov//Resident Advisor Review (Posted By Harry)

Petar Dundov// Resident Advisor Review. Petar Dundov Ideas  From The Pond Music Man Resident Advisor Written By Daniel Petry “There’s something uncontrived about Petar Dundov’s music. It goes from chord change to chord change while always sounding completely natural. Achieving this takes careful consideration, of course. But this is also due to his particularly upfront, … Continue reading

Marcel Dettmann EP- Exclusive Track// Landscape (Posted By Harry)

Marcell Dettmann 'Conducted' (Music Man)

Marcel Dettmann Exclusive Track Landscape Marcel Dettmann ‘Conducted’ (Music Man) “If you didn’t just get back from a few months at the International Space Station, then you know that Music Man just released ‘Conducted’, Marcel Dettmann’s new mix-cd. Attentive listeners noticed that Marcel didn’t include any of his own tracks on this compilation, but we … Continue reading

Marcel Dettmann EXCLUSIVE YouTube Video Interview (Posted By Harry)

Marcell Dettmann 'Conducted' (Music Man) Exclusive with Marcel Dettmann Marcell Dettmann ‘Conducted’ (Music Man)    Marcel Dettmann, released his debut album ‘Dettmann’ to high critical acclaim. In the meantime he’s also building the profile of his own label MDR, and of course he stays one of the most in demand remixers around. The tracklist of ‘Conducted’ includes again a mixture … Continue reading