TEEN in The Stool Pigeon (Posted By Harry)

TEEN web

TEEN in The Stool Pigeon. TEEN ‘In Limbo’ Leftfield Pop 2xLP/CD (Carpark) Recorded during the summer of 2011 in a converted barn in rural Connecticut, In Limbo puts pop and tribal elements to the fore. Opener “Better” is a Suicideesque march toward euphoria through repetition. “Sleep in Noise” comes on like a neo-psychedelic tribal stomp … Continue reading

Peter Zummo in Uncut (Posted By Harry)

Peter Zummo

Peter Zummo in Uncut. Peter Zummo  ‘Zummo With An X’ Electronic/Leftfield Pop LP (Optimo Music)  “Zummo With An X Review” Written By Louis Pattison 8/10

Capitol K :: Andean Dub Reviews (Posted By Harry)

Capitol K

Capitol K :: Andean Dub Reviews. Capitol K ‘Andean Dub’ Leftfield Pop CD (Faith & Industry) The Skinny :: 5 Star Review written by Sam Wiseman. “…The use of acoustic guitar samples on stripped-down pieces like Huayno brings the LP close to traditional South American folk territory, but for the most part Robinson is too … Continue reading

Advance Base in MOJO (Posted By Harry)

::4 Star Review :: Advance Base in MOJO:: Advance Base  ‘A Shut-In’s Prayer’ Leftfield Pop/Singer -Songwriter LP/CD                                          (Tomlab) Advance Base Lead Review 4 Stars. Written By Andrew Male Full review is available in MOJO’s August issue. “..Now after a three year break, he’s back under a different name, his world unadorned … Continue reading

Hunx And His Punx Reissue (Posted By Harry)

Hunx And His Punx

True Panther Sounds Reissue ‘Gay Singles’. Hunx And His Punx  ‘Gay Singles’ Leftfield-Pop LP/CD                 (TRUE PANTHER SOUNDS) Back in print after 1.5 years, on limited edition (1000) Gold vinyl. …“any excuse to gay things up when it’s this fun and catchy should be cherished. In fact, I’m tearing up my heterosexual membership … Continue reading

AU NME Review (Posted By Harry)

AU NME Review. AU  ‘Both Lights’ Leftfield Pop LP/CD (The Leaf Label) Written By Simon Jay Catling

New Albums & Singles Releases 13.02.12

Blondes 'Blondes' (RVNG INTL.)

New Albums & Singles Releases 13.02.12 (in no particular order) [Artist/Title/Label/Genre/Format] New Album Releases 13.02.12 01. Blondes ‘Blondes’ (RVNG INTL) Hypno-Beat/ Jam-Band/ Electronic 2CD 02. Terranova ‘Hotel Amour’ (Kompakt) Electronic 2LP/CD 03. Fluxion ‘Traces’ (Echochord) Dub-Techno CD 04. Felix Kubin ‘TXRF’ (It’s) Electronic 2LP/CD 05. Earth ‘Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II’ (Southern Lord) … Continue reading

New Albums & Singles Releases 23.01.12

New Albums & Singles Releases 23.01.12 (in no particular order) [Artist/Title/Label/Genre/Format] New Album Releases 23.01.12 01. V/A ‘Internal Affairs’ (Horizons Music) Drum & Bass CD 02. Chairlift ‘Something’ (Young Turks) Alternative/ Leftfield Pop CD 03. Michael Chapman ‘Rainmaker’ (Light In The Attic) Classic Singer Songwriter/ Folk CD 04. Karen Dalton ‘1966’ (Delmore Recordings) Classic Folk-Blues/ … Continue reading

Chairlift in The Times (Posted By Harry)

Chairlift- Something (Young Turks)

Chairlift Everyone’s talking about. The Times Chairlift “Something” (Young Turks) Their new album evokes Kate Bush, Talk Talk, Cocteau Twins and fellow New Yorkers MGMT and Yeasayer Why Ambitious, left-field pop is trilling from all corners of the globe at the moment, be it the outlandish melodies of the Belgian-Australian star Gotye or the hypnotic … Continue reading

NEW Album & Single Releases for 28.11.11

Aquasky (Passenger)

New Album Releases 28.11.11 (in no particular order) [Artist/Title/Label/Genre/Format] Dance 01. Various Artists ’15 years Of Hospital Records’ (Hospital Records) Drum & Bass 2CD 02. Dave Monolith ‘Welcome’ (Rephlex) Electronic CD 03. Aquasky ‘Raise The Devil’ (Passenger) Breaks CD 04. Mink Freud ‘Gelatinous’ (Domestic) Electronica CD Indie 01. Tiny Ruins ‘Some Were Meant For Sea’ … Continue reading