JK Flesh Feature and Review in Terrorizer (Posted By Harry)

JK Flesh

JK Flesh in Terrorizer. JK Flesh ‘Posthuman’ Industrial/Electronic/Metal/Post-Dubstep 2LP/CD (3by3) “Posthuman certainly resembles the darker side of Broadrick’s sound (circa Techno Animal, Godflesh and Greymachine) but simultaneously contextualises this within the unfamiliar turf of the post- dubstep/industrial canon pushed by 3by3, finding a fitting home in the process. The result is an album of soul-crushingly … Continue reading

JK Flesh in Metal Hammer (Posted By Harry)

Justin Broadrick © Mark Harris

JK Flesh in Metal Hammer. JK Flesh ‘Posthuman’ Industrial/Electronic/Metal/Post-Dubstep 2LP/CD (3by3) Metal Hammer Feature: Written By Toby Cook. (Click to enlarge.) Tracklist: 01 Knuckledragger 5:29 02 Idle Hands  6:19 03 Devoured  6:22 04 Punchdrunk  7:05 05 Posthuman  6:32 06 Earthmover   5:46 07 Dogmatic  5:57 08 Underfoot  5:51 09 Walk Away  6:30

Justin Broadrick back under JK Flesh (Posted By Harry)

Justin Broadrick © Mark Harris

Justin Broadrick announces new album as JK Flesh in Fact Magazine “Justin Broadrick, leader of seminal Birmingham group Godflesh and general underground music legend for his subsequent work with Jesu, Final, Techno Animal and many more, has announced a new album. Recorded under the name JK Flesh, it’ll be his first release on 3by3, the … Continue reading