The Field – Looping State Of Mind gets 8.5 on Pitchfork (Posted By Harry)

The Field-Looping State Of Mind

THE FIELD get 8.5 on Pitchfork The Field – Looping State Of Mind (Kompakt) The title of the Field’s third album, Looping State of Mind, might have you thinking that producer Axel Willner is getting back to basics. Especially after he strayed, with only intermittent success, from his instantly recognizable template on his 2009 sophomore … Continue reading

Panda Bear Reviews…. Pitchfork 8.5, NME, The Word, Clash (posted by Harry)

Pitchfork – review 8.5 – April 11, 2011 written by Jess Harvell “Noah Lennox’s Panda Bear project has always been about making “difficult” music scan as almost radio-friendly, to translate experimental moves to a broad audience with little interest in such things. It’s a strategy he learned, at least in part, from sonic forebears like … Continue reading