“This is house music at its very best” The Field’s Q Review (Posted By Harry)

The Field-Looping State Of Mind (Kompakt)

Q Review of The Field’s  ‘Looping State Of Mind’ The Field “Looping State Of Mind” (Kompakt) “…Each of the album’s seven tracks starts with a simple groove and meticulously builds on those foundations, creating a collection of electronic soundscapes that somehow occupy a parallel space between the dancefloor and the after-party…Boundless and ecstatic, this is … Continue reading

The Field gets nice NME & Mixmag Reviews (Posted By Harry)

The Field 'Looping State Of Mind' (Kompakt)

The Field reviewed in NME and Mixmag The Field ‘Looping State Of Mind’ (Kompakt) 8/10 Review in NME “It’s expansively, ecstatically excellent for many of the same reasons as The Field’s previous two blissful, loop-based hymns, at the intersection between shoegazing, trance and minimal techno…But these seven tracks, which average nine minutes apiece, contains moves … Continue reading

The Field – Looping State Of Mind gets 8.5 on Pitchfork (Posted By Harry)

The Field-Looping State Of Mind

THE FIELD get 8.5 on Pitchfork The Field – Looping State Of Mind (Kompakt) The title of the Field’s third album, Looping State of Mind, might have you thinking that producer Axel Willner is getting back to basics. Especially after he strayed, with only intermittent success, from his instantly recognizable template on his 2009 sophomore … Continue reading