JK Flesh in Metal Hammer (Posted By Harry)

Justin Broadrick © Mark Harris

JK Flesh in Metal Hammer. JK Flesh ‘Posthuman’ Industrial/Electronic/Metal/Post-Dubstep 2LP/CD (3by3) Metal Hammer Feature: Written By Toby Cook. (Click to enlarge.) Tracklist: 01 Knuckledragger 5:29 02 Idle Hands  6:19 03 Devoured  6:22 04 Punchdrunk  7:05 05 Posthuman  6:32 06 Earthmover   5:46 07 Dogmatic  5:57 08 Underfoot  5:51 09 Walk Away  6:30

The Quietus Interview with Cloaks (Posted By Harry)

Cloaks 'Versions Grain ' (3by3)

The Quietus Interviews Cloaks Cloaks ‘Versions Grain’ (3by3) “…The music of Norwich-based Cloaks, first heard on debut album Versus Grain and imminently to appear remixed by the likes of Ancient Methods, Dead Fader and Devilman on the snide Versions Grain compilation, is a marriage of industrial and dub that sounds like a bunch of robots … Continue reading