Euros Childs in Uncut & Big Issue

summer special cover

Euros Childs in Uncut Euros Childs ‘Summer Special’ Folk Pop CD (National Elf) Uncut. 7/10 Review Written By Jim Wirth. ****************************************************************************************************************************** Big Issue. Tracklist: 1) Be Be High 2) That’s Better 3) I’m Seeing Her Tonight 4) Headphone Mona 5) Clap A Chan 6) Roogie Boogie 7) Around And Around 8) Painting Pictures Of Summer … Continue reading

Minotaur Shock in RA (Posted By Harry)

Minotaur Shock in RA Minotaur Shock ‘Orchard‘ (Melodic) Written by Tony Naylor What a deeply strange record this is. Over the last ten years, David Edwards has produced glitchy, mellifluous electronica for 4AD and Melodic, while moonlighting on numerous projects. Most recently he has provided electronic percussion for Perfume Genius and mixed tracks for new … Continue reading