Patterns Live Review in NME (Posted By Harry)


Patterns Live Review in NME. Patterns ‘Induction’ Leftfield Pop (Melodic) NME LIVE REVIEW:

The Wire reviews Alias: Fever Dream (Posted By Harry)

Alias Fever Dream

The Wire reviews Alias Fever Dream (Anticon) “Freshly inspired by contemporary R&B, producer Alias comes across like a proverbial kid in a candy store, frantically cramming in as much as his palate can handle, revelling in the tangy contrast of colours and flavours that results. Artists such as Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing have demonstrated¬† … Continue reading

Ras G ‘Down 2 Earth’ Review in Wire Magazine (Posted by Rico)

Ras G Down 2 Earth RAMP Recordings

Ras G Down 2 Earth¬†Review (RAMP Recordings) Released 15th July 2011- RAMP045 Review in Wire Magazine ‘The hazy, opiated feel to his work suit the rough and ready beat-tape format adopted here, tracks coming and going like elusive trains of thought, slipping away as quickly as they are grasped…Yet, paradoxically, Ras G’s approach to hiphop … Continue reading

SRD proudly announces the arrival of the mighty RAMP RECORDINGS (posted by Rico)

RAMP Recordings

SRD proudly announces the arrival of the mighty RAMP RECORDINGS, and it’s satellite imprints BRAiNMATH, PTN and AAAHH! REAL MONSTERS to our roster. Long feted for their sense of playful (and serious) eclecticism, the almost legendary catalogue includes such groundbreaking artistes as Zomby, James Blake, Flying Lotus, Ras G, Egyptrixx and Falty DL, and mutates … Continue reading