New Albums & Singles Releases 13.02.12

Blondes 'Blondes' (RVNG INTL.)

New Albums & Singles Releases 13.02.12 (in no particular order) [Artist/Title/Label/Genre/Format] New Album Releases 13.02.12 01. Blondes ‘Blondes’ (RVNG INTL) Hypno-Beat/ Jam-Band/ Electronic 2CD 02. Terranova ‘Hotel Amour’ (Kompakt) Electronic 2LP/CD 03. Fluxion ‘Traces’ (Echochord) Dub-Techno CD 04. Felix Kubin ‘TXRF’ (It’s) Electronic 2LP/CD 05. Earth ‘Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II’ (Southern Lord) … Continue reading