Holy Other #1 & Balam Acab #4 in XLR8R’s Best Of 2011 (Posted By Harry)

Holy Other (Tri Angle)

XLR8R’s Best Of List 2011 #1 Holy Other With U (Tri Angle) “Even though UK producer Holy Other literally remains a shrouded figure, the mystery and mystique surrounding his persona has done nothing to prevent him from breaking out in a huge way in 2011. Anyone who’s kept up with XLR8R‘s Best of 2011 lists … Continue reading

SRD’s Bestseller’s lists and Staff Picks of 2011

SRD logo

Southern Record Distributors Bestsellers 2011 & Staff Picks. [Artist/Title/ Label] In No Particular Order 01. System 7/ Up/ A-Wave 02. Son Lux/ We Are Rising/ Anticon 03. Alias/ Fever Dream/ Anticon 04. Grumbling Fur/ Furrier/ Aurora Borealis 05. Hyetal/ Broadcast/ Black Acre 06. Blue Daisy/ The Sunday Gift/Black Acre 07. Phaeleh/ The Cold In you/ … Continue reading