Anywhere Review in Uncut (Posted By Harry)

Anywhere Review in Uncut. Anywhere    ‘Anywhere’ Psych-Rock/Acid Punk LP/CD (ATP Recordings) Anywhere Review in Uncut Written By Peter Watts.

Sleepy Sun on Subba Cultcha (Posted By Harry)

Sleepy Sun 'Spine Hits' (ATP)

Sleepy Sun on Subba-Cultcha. Sleepy Sun ‘Spine Hits’ Psych-Rock LP/CD (ATP Recordings) 8/10 Review Written By Steve Fanning “Sleepy Sun’s first two albums, Fever and Embrace, delivered high octane bluesy rock that Hendrix or Led Zeppelin would have been proud to be the ancestors of. Sprawling guitar solos, high impact crescendos and thoughtful lyrics combined … Continue reading

Watch Tennis on Letterman & Leno Show [USA] (Posted By Harry)

Tennis (ATP)

Watch Tennis Perform on US Shows, David Letterman & Jay Leno. Tennis Young & Old (ATP Recordings) Out Now. Tennis on Letterman Show Click here to see Tennis perform on The Jay Leno Show.

Sleepy Sun Album Stream and Times Review (Posted By Harry)

Sleepy Sun 'Spine Hits' (ATP)

Sleepy Sun Album Stream and Times Review. Sleepy Sun ‘Spine Hits’ Psych-Rock LP/CD (ATP Recordings)         9/10 Clash Music: “A stunning debut eight tracks of breathtaking psychedelic post-rock amongst others…” “Sleepy Sun’s miles, months, and days in the van are a tangible presence in Spine Hits, an LP of whimsy, restlessness, and urgency that … Continue reading

New Albums & Singles Releases 12.03.12

Tall Firs (ATP)

New Albums & Singles Releases 12.03.12 (in no particular order) [Artist/Title/Label/Genre/Format]  New Album Releases 12.03.12 01. Tall Firs ‘Out Of It And Into It’ (ATP Recordings) Sadcore/Alternative/ U.S Indie Rock LP/CD 02. Various Artists ‘SpokAnarchy’ (Flat Field Records) Alter CD/LP/DVD 03. WhoMadeWho ‘Brighter’ (Kompakt) Leftfield Pop/Disco-Punk 2LP/CD 04. Main Attrackionz ‘808s & Dark Grapes II’ … Continue reading