Petar Dundov//Resident Advisor Review (Posted By Harry)

Petar Dundov// Resident Advisor Review. Petar Dundov Ideas  From The Pond Music Man Resident Advisor Written By Daniel Petry “There’s something uncontrived about Petar Dundov’s music. It goes from chord change to chord change while always sounding completely natural. Achieving this takes careful consideration, of course. But this is also due to his particularly upfront, … Continue reading

Lotus Plaza get 4/5 in Q Magazine (Posted By Harry)

LOTUS PLAZA – 4 STAR Q REVIEW. Lotus Plaza ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ Leftfield Pop LP/CD KRANK166LP / KRANK166 (Kranky)   OUT NOW.         Tracklisting: 01. Untitled 02. Strangers 03. Out of Touch 04. Dusty Rhodes 05. White Galactic One 06. Monoliths 07. Jet Out of the Tundra 08. Eveningness 09. Remember … Continue reading

9/10 Black Breath Review in NME (Posted By Harry)

Black Breath in NME Black Breath ‘Sentenced To Life’ Metal/Rock LP/CD  (Southern Lord) Southern Lord is proud to unleash the second album from Seattle’s barbaric wrecking crew that is Black Breath. Sentenced to Life is the highly anticipated follow-up to the band’s raging 2010 debut album, Heavy Breathing. The new album projects an even more … Continue reading

Matthew Bourne// 8/10 in Drowned in Sound (Posted By Harry)

Matthew Bourne

Matthew Bourne in Drowned in Sound. Matthew Bourne Montauk Variations The Leaf Label Drowned in Sound – 8/10 – Jon Falcone “Matthew Bourne has won spires of jazz awards and flits between a suitably dizzying number of improvisational jazz to proto metal outfits. Matthew has also recently successfully applied to become one of four UK … Continue reading

Tindersticks: 4/5 in Uncut (Posted By Harry)

Tindersticks 'The Something Rain' (Lucky Dog)

Tindersticks The Something Rain Review in Uncut The Something Rain Lucky Dog Release 20.02.12 4/5 Uncut (Written By John Robinson) Nottingham miserabilists return groovily… ‘The ninth Tindersticks album begins with a story, ‘Chocolate’, narrated by the band’s  Dave Boulter, of a man discovering a little too late (‘There was a hard dick poking me in … Continue reading

Stranger Son ‘Iceman Part II’ Video and Big Issue Review (Posted By Harry)

Stranger Son 'Luna Marseille' (White Box Recordings)

Stranger Son Big Issue Review Stranger Son ‘Luna Marseille’ (White Box Recordings) 4 out of 5 stars “Stranger Son, are essentially songwriter, singer, programmer and keyboard player Gareth Smith with a host of revolving musicians. Fortunately, his vision of creating avant garde pop has endured no matter who is helping him execute his ideas. Less … Continue reading

Youth Lagoon // Review in The Independent (Posted By Harry)

Youth Lagoon 'The Year Of Hibernation' (LEFSE )

Youth Lagoon Review in The Independent Youth Lagoon : The Year Of Hibernation (Lefse) “In hibernation is what Idaho newbie Trevor Powers sounds like initially, his voice frail and distant, his lo-fi electro tinkles recalling other home-based auteurs. But he knows the importance of being earnest. As “17 ” and “July” blossom from shy-boy openings … Continue reading

Walls ‘Coracle’ gets an 8 in NME (Posted By Harry)

Wall 'Coracle' (Kompakt)

Walls in NME Walls ‘Coracle’ (Kompakt) Album Review in NME – 8 “London – based Walls duo Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia put journos in floatation tanks to experience their new album ‘Coracle’; it was a cunning ruse for a record whose luminous soundscapes are at once alien yet familiar, adding hazy heartbeat rhythms to … Continue reading

The Field gets nice NME & Mixmag Reviews (Posted By Harry)

The Field 'Looping State Of Mind' (Kompakt)

The Field reviewed in NME and Mixmag The Field ‘Looping State Of Mind’ (Kompakt) 8/10 Review in NME “It’s expansively, ecstatically excellent for many of the same reasons as The Field’s previous two blissful, loop-based hymns, at the intersection between shoegazing, trance and minimal techno…But these seven tracks, which average nine minutes apiece, contains moves … Continue reading

AKA gets 4 Stars in MOJO (Posted By Harry)

AKA 'Hard Beat'

AKA 4 Star Review in MOJO AKA ‘Hard Beat’ Strawberry Rain/ Light In The Attic “…Led by the impressively Afroed Ucok Harahap- a hell for leather frontman channelling Jim Morrison and James Brown – they quickly graduated from performing Three Dog Night and Steppenwolf anthems to penning their own, shredding stylistic barriers with carnivorous abandon … Continue reading