Dave Monolith 4 Star Review in Uncut (Posted By Harry)


Dave Monolith 4 Star Review in Uncut Dave Monolith Welcome Rephlex Uncut **** Classy intro to West Country knob-twiddler “While the world waits for new Aphex Twin material, his label Rephlex fills the gap by peddling the occasional producer who sounds quite like him. Nothing wrong with that, particularly when they’ve the programming chops of … Continue reading

Matthew Bourne Reviews// BBC Music// The Wire + more (Posted By Harry)

Matthew Bourne

Matthew Bourne Reviews Montauk Variations The Leaf Label Release 06.02.12 BBC Music Martin Longley “Usually, the Wiltshire keyboardist Matthew Bourne is heard in a combo context, habitually making music of a more violently improvisatory nature, hunkered down with elements ripped out of dance music, rock and abstract electronica. That’s just the kind of sound that … Continue reading

Satan Is Real / Handpicked’s Oustanding Reviews (Posted By Harry)

The Louvin Brothers 'Satan Is Real/Handpicked Songs 1955-1962' (Light In The Attic)

The Louvin Brothers continue to triumph Satan Is Real/ Handpicked Songs 1955-1962 (Light In The Attic) Reviews in The Times: 4 Stars “..A legendary album from the 1959, widely unavailable until now, that is an attempt by a God-fearing sinner from Alabama and his slightly less immoral brother to save their souls from the fiery … Continue reading

AKA gets 4 Stars in MOJO (Posted By Harry)

AKA 'Hard Beat'

AKA 4 Star Review in MOJO AKA ‘Hard Beat’ Strawberry Rain/ Light In The Attic “…Led by the impressively Afroed Ucok Harahap- a hell for leather frontman channelling Jim Morrison and James Brown – they quickly graduated from performing Three Dog Night and Steppenwolf anthems to penning their own, shredding stylistic barriers with carnivorous abandon … Continue reading

Walls ‘Coracle’ Review in The Times and MOJO (Posted By Harry)

Wall 'Coracle' (Kompakt)

Walls ‘Coracle’ Reviewed in The Times and MOJO Walls ‘Coracle’ (Kompakt) Out Now The Times 4/5 Stars (October) “…Raw Umber/ Twilight would sound great in a draughty  bus shelter in Swindon. With vocal loops floating plangent sounds, many of the tracks here are reminiscent of the German ambient maestro Ulrich Schnauss – and in this … Continue reading

Roll The Dice gets 4 Stars in MOJO (Posted By Harry)

MOJO gives Roll The Dice 4 Stars Roll The Dice ‘In Dust’  (Leaf Label) “…They’re back, drawing on the dark energies of their ancient machines to produce an album of humming, depthless power. On tracks such as Calling All Workers, Maelstrom, and The Skull Is Built Into The Tool, John Barryesque keyboard loops and John … Continue reading

Shin Joong Hyun in Mojo: Reissue Album of the Month (Posted by Harry)

Shin Joong Hyun Mojo Reissue Album of the Month

Shin Joong Hyun is Mojo’s Reissue Album of the Month Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun 1958- 1974 2 LP/CD (LITA065LP/ LITA065) “Shin Joong Hyun’s tale is personal, spiritual, and deep, not only reflecting the full spectrum of human emotions, but one that produced reverberating echos of … Continue reading

Ramesses gets 4 stars in Kerrang (Posted by Tony)

Ramesses Album Cover

Ramesses ‘Possessed By The Rise Of Magik’ 4 star review in July’s Kerrang written by Olly Thomas We think you might have seen the review of Ramesses (Ritual Productions) already, but we like it so much we thought we’d remind you again of its greatness. “…Ramesses are a band willing to go further into psychedelia … Continue reading

Jim Ford’s nice review in Uncut and Mojo (Posted by Harry)

Jim Ford Review in Uncut “The baddest white man on the planet” “…Jim Ford inspired an uncommon level of worship from the  musicians who knew him, yet he only released one album in his lifetime – 1969’s Harlan County, available again as a new reissue from the Light In The Attic label…” Written by Rob … Continue reading

Holly Throsby: Daily Mirror Review (Posted By Harry)

Nice Holly Review in Daily Mirror. CD Out Now- Woomecd008