New Albums & Singles Releases 26.04.19





New Albums & Singles Releases 26.04.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Sunn O))) ‘Life Metal’ Doom Rock
CD SUNN300CD (Southern Lord)

The Pearlfishers ‘Love & Other Hopeless Things’ Chamber-Pop
LP/CD MA84LP/MA84 (Marina Records)

Black Flower ‘Future Flora’ Afro-Jazz/Psychedelic Dub

Hash Redactor ‘Drecksound’ Post-Punk/Avant-Punk
LP/LP (Mint) UTR119 /UTR119M (Upset The Rhythm)

JJ Cale ‘Closer To You’ Classic Singer-Songwriter/Blues-Rock
LP+CD/CD BEC5543433/BEC5543432 (Because Music)

JJ Cale ‘Guitar Man’ Classic Singer-Songwriter/Blues-Rock
LP+CD/CD BEC5543435 / BEC5543434 (Because Music)

JJ Cale ‘Live’ Classic Singer-Songwriter/Blues-Rock
2LP+CD/CD BEC5543437/ BEC5543436 (Because Music)

JJ Cale ‘To Tulsa And Back’ Classic Singer-Songwriter/Blues-Rock
2LP+CD/CD BEC5543439/ BEC5543438 (Because Music)

Doctor Umezu Diva ‘Diva’ Modern Classical/Avant-Jazz
LP STUDIOMULE17 (Studio Mule)

James Rushford ‘The Body’s Night’ Electro-Acoustic/Experimental/Synth
LP Black Truffle 047 (Black Truffle)

Quiet Marauder ‘The Crack And What It Meant’ Indie
CD BWR047 (Bubblewrap)

Boards Of Canada ‘Hi Scores’ Classic Electronic
MLP SKA008 (Skam)

Various Artists ‘Rampage 2019’ D&B/Dubstep
2CD RMPG010CD (Rampage Recordings)

Deadbeat ‘Waking Life’ Dub Techno

Kap Bambino ‘Dust, Fierce, Forever’ Synth-Pop/Alternative
2LP/CD BEC5543883/BEC5543882 (Because Music)

Various Artists ‘Soothing Songs For Babies. Berceuses Du Monde ‘ World/Ambient/Archive/Lullabies
LP/CD MEGMG0003LP/MEGMG0003CD (Mental Groove)

Martin Bartlett ‘Anecdotal Electronics: Live experiments & other recordings’
LP ALE009 (Arc Light Editions)

Martin Bartlett ‘Ankle On: Electronic and Orchestral works’ Electronic/Experimental/Avant-Garde
CD ALE010 (Arc Light Editions)

B. Cool-Aid ‘Syrup’ Hip Hop

Aidan Baker/Faith Coloccia/John Mueller ‘See Through’ Ambient/Alternative
LP GZH088LP (Gizeh)

Stars Like Dust ‘Voyager 01’ Electronic//Synth/Soundtracks
LP KIVTR005 (Kanto Records)

Jacek Sienkiewicz ‘IMOW’ Electronic/Ambient/Electronica
LP R-EP042 (Recognition Records)

Dirk Desaever ‘Collected 1984-1989’ Industrial/Minimal Wave/Synth
LP MPD015 (Musique Pour La Danse)

New Singles Releases:

Sleeparchive ‘Revised Recordings’ EP Techno
12” TRESOR309 (Tresor)

Skudge ‘Clear/Wasp’ Techno
12” SKUDGE013 (Skudge Records)

Off The Meds ‘Belter (incl. Joy O remix)’ Electronic
12” BARN060 (Studio Barnhus)

Lawrence ‘Black Cats’ House
12” MULEMUSIQ238 (Mule Musiq)

Prins Thomas ‘Bronchi Beat, Æ (Wata Igarashi, Orbe, Rivet Rmxs)’ Electronic/Techno
12” PTM004 (Prins Thomas Musikk)

Luca Musto ‘Proper Preaching’ Downbeat/House/Funk
12” FT015 (Feines Tier)

Allesandro Adriani ‘Embryo’ Techno/Acid/Ambient
12” SA035 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Leonid Nevermind ‘Were Made to Love’ Electronic/Deep/Detroit/House/Techno
12” BS003 (Bivouac Sound)

Midnight Embassy ‘Midnight Embassy’ Electronic/Electronica/Dub/Pop
12” IML011 (International Major Label)

S-F-X ‘S-F-X’ Electronic/Ambient/Electronica/Disco
LP Kitjen008 (KITJEN)

Jaali ‘Communicate’ Electronic/Electronica
12” TOWER001 (Tower District)

boys be kko ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry (Gerd Janson remix)’ Electronic/House/Electronica
12” ATMV064 (Atomnation)

Remii ‘Late Night Cruisin’ Electronic/House/Deep House/NuDisco
12” BOG017 (Bogota Records)

Sascha Dive / Frink / Toman / Philipp Gonzales ‘Bondage Games Pt. 5’ Electronic/TechHouse/DeepHouse

Various Artists ‘Footure Classics Vol. 2’ Electronic/House/Disco
12” FJ015 (Footjob)

Fouk ‘Truffles EP (Ft. Hugo LX remix)’ Electronic/DeepHouse
12” HEIST037 (Heist Recordings)

Feel Fly ‘Remixes’ Electronic/House/Disco
12” INT037 (Internasjonal)

JK ‘LOVEiT presents: JK’ Electronic/House
12” LiT005 (LOVEiT)

Pavel Ludin ‘Framework’ EP Electronic/Deep House
12” PFRWAX009 (Poker Flat Recordings)

Fort Romeau ‘Heaven & Earth’ Electronic/House
12” PERMVAC181-1 (Permanent Vacation)

Ari Bald / Lucky Charmz ‘Pacific Tears / Balsam’ Electronic/Deep/Disco/House
12” ZISSOU002 (Zissou Records)

Alex Bilancini ‘Oblivion (Includes Blicz remix)’ Electronic/Techno
12” ETB053 (Etruria beat)

Inland ‘Time Leak’ Electronic/Techno
12” FIGURE X05 (Figure)

STL ‘Nonzero Sonics (Sebastian Mullaert & Wa Wu We Remixes)’ Electronic/Techno/Electronica
12” DM008 (Dark Matters)

Ivan Iacobucci ‘Logic Solution’ Electronic/Techno/Electronica
12” PERL121 (PERLON)

N’conduit ‘Latent States’ Electronic/Techno
12” VDR0014 (Voodoo Down Records)

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