New Albums & Singles Releases 24.05.19





New Albums & Singles Releases 24.05.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Tim Hecker ‘Anoyo’ Ambient/Experimental
LP KRANK220LP (Kranky)

The Mystery Lights ‘Too Much Tension!’ Garage-Rock/Psych-Punk
CD WCK-004 (Wick Records)

Gia Margaret ‘There’s Always Glimmer’ Sleeprock
CD/LP DR1004CD/LP (Dalliance)

Big Tide ‘Sync Or Swim’ Indie
CD/LP TURN62CD/LP (A Turntable Friend)

Lee Moses ‘ How Much Longer Must I Wait? Singles & Rarities 1965-1972 ‘ Funk/Soul
LP/CD FDR635LP/FDR635CD (Future Days Recordings/LITA)

The Comet Is Coming ‘Channel The Spirits ‘ Psychedelic Jazz-Punk
LP BAY104V (The Leaf Label)

Yawners “Just Calm Down” Alternative/Indie-Rock
LP / CD LC61LP/LC61 (La Castanya)

Limousine ‘L’Été Suivant’ Synth-pop
LP/CD EOS070LP/CD (Ekler’O’ShocK)

La Fine Equipe ‘5th Season’ Electronic/Hip-Hop
LP/CD NOW0111LP/NOW0111CD (Nowadays Records)

OKADA ‘Life is but an Empty Dream ’ Ambient/Post-Industrial
LP/CD MD275LP/MD275 (n5MD)

Greys ‘Age Hasn’t Spoiled You’ Post Punk/Alternative
LP CAK136LP (Carpark Records)

Hygiene ‘Private Sector’ Punk/Post-Punk
LP UTR117 (Upset The Rhythm)

The Claim ‘The New Industrial Ballads’ Indie
LP TURN65LP (A Turntable Friend)

Paul Den Heyer ‘Everything So Far’ Indie
LP TURN66LP (A Turntable Friend)

Dave Hause ‘September Haze ‘ Pop-Rock/Americana

Swain ‘Howl + Heavy Dancing’ Alternative/Rock
LP/CD EHLP43/EHCD43 (End Hits)

Trade Wind ‘Certain Freedoms’ Post-Hardcore
LP/CD EHRLP44/EHR44 (End Hits)


The Accused AD ‘The Ghoul In The Mirror’ Metal/Punk
CD BH999112 (Blackhouse Records)

Telescopes ‘Stone Tape’ Post-punk/Drone/Psych
LP YP001 (Yard Press)

Matteo Nasini ‘Sparkling Matter’ Ambient/noise/experimental
LP YP002 (Yard Press)

TV Victor ‘Moondance’ Techno
2LP TRESOR310 (Tresor)

Various Artists ‘The Sacred Entertainment: Réak, Ceremonial Horse Trance Music from Priangan’ Field Recording/Outernational/Ethnic/Tribal
LP CREP65 (Discrepant)

Karen Willems & Jean D.L. ‘Twee Lindebomen’ Experimental/Percussion/Improv
CD ABX077 (Aurora Borealis)

New Singles Releases:

Mad Dog ‘Mad Dog’ EP Old Skool/Jungle
12” VFS001 (Vinyl Fanatiks)

Chalke ‘The Ressurection’ EP Old Skool/Jungle
12” VFS002 (Vinyl Fanatiks)

Various Artists ‘All The Rave 1991’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” ATR01 (All The Rave Records)

Jimmy J & Cru-l-t ‘Six Days Remixes’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” REC20 (Remix Records)

Al Storm & Diakronik ‘Timeless’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” REC21 (Remix Records)

Alexander Norman Vs Whizzkid ‘Full Circle’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” REC22 (Remix Records)

Hiroshi Matsui ‘Samba De Howa Howa’ House
12” STUDIOMULE19 (Studio Mule)

Ciel ‘Why Me?’ Techno
12” SPC-144 (Spectral Sound)

Gui Boratto & Robert Babicz ‘Human’ Techno
12“ SYST0123-6 (Systematic)

Various Artists ‘Microdosing Vol.1`’ Electronic
12” MDSG001 (Microdosing)

Beat Movement ‘Black Gardenia Vol.1’ Jazz/Electronic/Experimental/Techno
12” JOT008 (JAZZ-O-TECH)

Anthony Rother ‘Mistress 12.5”’ Techno
12” HU-MR12.5-SH (Mistress Recordings)

Miramar ‘Salida/Urgencia’ Bolero
7” DAP-1120 (Daptone Records)

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