New Albums & Singles Releases 22.03.19







New Albums & Singles Releases 22.03.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Xeno & Oaklander ‘Hypnos’ Alternative/Synth Pop
LP/LP (Ltd) DAIS129LP/DAIS129LPX (Dais Records)

USA/Mexico ‘Matamoros’ Molten Sludge Punk
LP REPOSELP075 (Riot Season)

Realz ‘Get Set’ UK Rap
CD RRCD01 (Rhythm Rollers)

Lucy Kitt ‘Stand By’ Folk
CD/LP WBR001/WBR001LP (Wineberry Records)

Dragon Welding ‘Dragon Welding’ Indie
CD TURN63CD (A Turntable Friend)

The Claim ‘Boomy Tella’ Indie
CD/LP TURN64CD/LP (A Turntable Friend)

King Kong Paradise ‘Atsuma Mo Samusamo’ Jazz/Balearic Rock
LP STUDIOMULE16 (Studio Mule)

Vibronics ‘Dub Italizer’ Dub/Reggae
2LP MD008 (Mania Dub)

Mopcut ‘Accelerated Frames of Reference’ Avantgarde/Electronics/Free Improvisation
CD TR185CD (Trost)

Mopcut ‘Accelerated Frames of Reference’ Avantgarde/Electronics/Free Improvisation
LP TR185LP (Trost)

Tony Buck & Massimo Pupillo ‘Unseen’ Free Improvisation/Electronics
CD TR178CD (Trost)

Tony Buck & Massimo Pupillo ‘Time Being’ Free Improvisation/Electronics
LP TR179LP (Trost)

Snowdrops ‘Manta Ray (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ Soundtrack
CD GZH087CD (Gizeh Records)

Various Artists ‘GroupWorks’ Experimental
LP DJ010 (Dorfjungs)

Vitor Araujo ‘Levaguia Tere’ Contemporary Classical/Experimental
2LP NUT-005 (Nutriot)

New Singles Releases:

Hydro ‘Lateral Thinking’ LP Sampler Drum & Bass
12” UM021 (Utopia Music)

Planetary Assault Systems ‘Straight Shooting’ Techno
2×12” MOTE055 (Mote Evolver)

Skudge/Splice ‘XOX 01’ Techno
12” SKUDGE-XOX01 (Skudge)

S S S S ‘Absence’ Electronic/Experimental
12” SPCTR013 (Haunter Records)

Roberto Clementi ‘Plebiscite EP (incl. BNJMN Remix)’ Techno
12” MOC018 (Made of Concrete)

Aril Brikha ‘Pattern Recognition’ House/Detroit Techno
12” MULEMUSIQ236 (Mule Musiq)

Carrot Green ‘Kin Sharuba’ House/Deep House
12” FT014 (Feines Tier)

Ditongo ‘Editales Vol.2’ House/Edit
12” DEGU 030 (Degustibus)

EB King ‘Buffalo Heart Giant’ House
12” GLYK3 (Glyk)

Satoshi Tomiie & Rintaro ‘Insomniaque’ EP Electronic/House/Techno
12” AA006 (Abstract Architecture)

HomeSick ‘Burnout 2099 EP’ Footwork
12” DICA010 (Defrostatica Records)

Cinthie ‘803 Crystalgrooves 02’ Electronic/Chicago/House
12” 803CG-002 (803 Crystalgrooves)

SofaTalk ‘Fragments EP’ Electronic/NuJazz/House/Broken Beats
12” ESCP 004 (Escapade)

Lori ‘Drifting Electronic/Techno/House
12” PHORMA013 (Phorma)

The Frightnrs ‘Never Answer b/w Questions (Dub)’ Rocksteady
7” DAP-1121 (Daptone Records)

Ital Horns ‘Remains Of The Day’ Reggae/Dub
7” PRTL7064 (Partial Records)

The Jasmine Minks ‘Step By Step’ Indie
7” TURN67 (A Turntable Friend)

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