New Albums & Singles Releases 15.03.19







New Albums & Singles Releases 15.03.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

JH1.FS3 ‘Trials and Tribulations’ Electronic/Industrial
LP/LP DAIS126LP/DAIS126LPX (Dais Records)

Ragnar Grippe ‘Symphonic Songs’ Musique Concrète/Experimental
2LP/2LP DAIS124LP/DAIS124LPC (Dais Records)

Drekka ‘No Tracks In The Snow’ Alternative/Ambient
LP DAIS128LP (Dais Records)

Chupame El Dedo ‘No te Metas Con Satan’ Cumbia/Latin/Metal/Psych
LP SOUK04 (Souk records/Discrepant)

Deafkids ‘Metaprogramacao’ Punk/Noise/Psychedelic/Metal
LP/CD NR113LP/NR113 (Neurot Recordings)

The Grateful Dead ‘One From The Vault’ Classic Rock
3LP FDR607 (Future Days Recordings)

La Fine Equipe & Friends ‘La Boulangerie 10 Years Box’ Electronic/Hip-Hop
Box 5LP NOWBOX001 (Nowadays Records)

Efficient Refineries ‘Terahurtz’ Electronic/Ambient/Electronica/Techno
CD No. 308 (No.)

Hour of the Wolf ‘Hour of the Wolf’ Electronic/Experimental
MC SUC23 (Sucata Tapes)

Alförjs ‘QorusQoros’ Electronic/Experimental
MC SUC24 (Sucata Tapes)

Banha da Cobra ‘Mãe D’Água’ Experimental
MC SUC25 (Sucata Tapes)

Reverend Beat-Man And Izobel Garcia ‘Baile Bruja Muerto’ Blues/Rock’n’Roll
LP/CD VR12109/VRCD109 (Voodoo Rhythm)

Various Artists ‘Panorama Bar 09’ Techno
2LP O-TON 119 (Ostgut Ton)

Powder ‘Powder In Space’ Electronic/Electronica/Deep/House/Cosmic/Disco/ Ambient/Psychedelic
12” EP/CD BIS036 / BIS036CD (Beats In Space)

Various Artists ‘The Round Up Part 5’ Electronic/Deep/House
2LP HEIST036 (Heist Recordings)

O – Olivier Margerit ‘À Terre!’ Electronic/FrenchPop
LP/CD BEC5543807/BEC5543806 (Vietnam/Because Music)

ALTZ.P ‘La Toue’ Electronic/Disco/Funk/Electronica
LP AM010 (Altzmusica)

Recent Arts ‘Skin’ Electronic/Electronica/Ambient/Indie/Pop
LP NSP16 (Non Standard Productions)

Belp ‘Crocodile’ Electronic/Electronica
LP SVS016 (SVS Records/Jahmoni Music)

Papillon ‘Cercueil Flottant’ Electronic/Exotica
MC SUC22 (Sucata Tapes)

Eosin ‘For Beniko’ Electronic/Mixtape
MC SUC26 (Sucata Tapes)

New Singles Releases:

Wislov ‘From Another World EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” BREED23 (Knitebreed Records)

Abyss ‘From the Depths EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” KF89 (Kniteforce Records)

Various Artists ‘Death To Digital Vol.4 EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” KF91 (Kniteforce Records)

Ricardo Villalobos ‘Mandela Move EP’ Electronic/Minimal/House
2×12” Deset02 (Deset)

Krystal Klear ‘Euphoric Dreams/Miyoki’ Electronic/House
12” RB074 (Running Back)

Üdytü Ützeltürk & His Male Harem ‘Kairo / Kozak2000 (Inc Boris Dlugosch Edit)’ Electronic/House
12” RBSSS4 (Running Back Super Sound Singles)

New Jackson ‘Hakone Tozan’ Electronic/House/Electronica
12” PERMVAC 178-1 (Permanent Vacation)

Raam ‘Raam 8.8’ Techno
12” Raam 8.8 (Raam Records)

Agoria ‘Embrace & You’re Not Alone Remixes’ Electronic/House
12” SAPIENS017 (Sapiens Recordings)

Ouer ‘Stingray Nebula EP’ Electronic/Deep/House
12” DIRT116 (Dirt Crew Recordings)

Kone Kone ‘Come Closer’ Electronic/House/Acid
12” GPM502V (Get Physical Music)

Martin Buttrich ‘Northeast/Southwest’ Electronic/House/Techno
12” PLE65396-6 (Planet E)

Butch ‘Hijacking’ Electronic/House/TechHouse
12” WGVinyl055 (Watergate Records)

Cherushii & Maria Minerva ‘S/T’ Electronic
12” EP SILK102 (100% Silk)

Tunnelvisions, Innellea ‘Innellea’s Cosmic Remixes’ Electronic/IndieDance/Cosmic/House
12” ATMV062.1 (Atomnation)

Giash ‘Sen_d_ingo’ Electronic/TechHouse
12” MLTD093 (Metroline Limited)

Bartellow San Ground San ‘Amanogawa EP’ Electronic/Electronica
12” SVS014 (SVS Records)

Gapside/Encuentros ‘EP’ Electronic/House
12” MOODY004 (Moody Records)

Eugene Pascal ‘Rooibos Romance EP’ Electronic/Deep/House/Techno
12” MWARE003 (Merriware)

Unknown ‘Hunter’ Electronic/Techno
12” MSK 04 (MASK)

Tevatron ‘Texho EP’ Electronic/Techno/Detroit Techno
12” ELY08012 (Elypsia Records)

Carlo Ruetz ‘Hypersonic’ Electronic/Techno
12” SENSO047 (Senso Sounds)

Wayne from Buckhurst Hill ‘The Way I Walk’ Americana
CD single OJR004 (Old Jank)

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