New Albums & Singles Releases 01.03.19







New Albums & Singles Releases 01.03.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Snapped Ankles ‘Stunning Luxury’ Motorik Post-Punk/Synth/Alternative

TEEN ‘Good Fruit’ Alternative Rock/Indie Rock
LP/CD CAK133LP/CAK133CD (Carpark Records)

Baba & Djana Sissoko ‘Fasiya ’ World/African/Jazz
LP/CD BF0105LP/ BF0105CD (Blind Faith Records)

Various Artists ‘Nowadays V’ Electronic/Hip-Hop
2LP/CD NOW0109LP/ CD (Nowadays Records)

Dillinger ‘Marijuana In My Brain’ Roots Reggae
LP/CD RROO332/RROO332CD (Radiation Roots)

Sly & Robbie ‘Dub For Tubs : A Tribute To King Tubby’ Dub/Reggae
CD RROO333CD (Radiation Roots)

Kungens Man ‘Chef’ Space-Rock
LP REPOSELP074 (Riot Season)

Mayumi Sonoda with Kichiro Sugino Trio ‘Gogo Sanji No Aki’ Jazz
LP STUDIOMULE15 (Studio Mule)

Bernie Worrell ‘Pieces Of Woo – The Other Side’ Funk/Soul
2LP TWM22 (Tidal Waves Music)

Charlie Francis ‘Songs For Singers’ Indie
LP BWR043 (Bubblewrap)

FKJ ‘French Kiwi Juice’ Electronica/Soul/Hip-Hop
2LP RM039LP (Roche Musique)

Revolting Cocks ‘Linger Ficken’ Good..And Other Barnyard Oddities’ Industrial/Alternative
2LP ROGV-060 (Run Out Groove Vinyl)

Konami Kukeiha Club ‘Gradius II’ Soundtracks
LP STS-031 (Ship To Shore)

Konami Kukeiha Club ‘Gradius III’ Soundtracks
2LP STS-032 (Ship To Shore)

Richard Einhorn ‘The Prowler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
2LP WW060 (Waxwork)

Super Wings ‘My Love Is For You’ African/World
LP GFR001 (Good Find Records)

Hoodoo Fushimi ‘Kusaya’ African/World
LP GFR002 (Good Find Records)

Weval ‘The Weight’ Electronic

BCee ‘Shouting About Nothing’ Drum & Bass
CD SPEAR098CD (Spearhead Records)

Roisin Murphy ‘Overpowered’ Electro-Disco

Scratch Massive ‘Garden of Love’ Electronica
LP/CD BOR014LP/CD (bORDEL Records)

Thylacine ‘Transsiberian’ Electronica
LP/CD INT01G061/INT01B061 (Intuitive Records)

Thylacine ‘Roads, Vol 1’ Electronica
LP/CD INT01G121/INT01B121 (Intuitive Records)

Dole & Kom ‘Twenty Five’ House
CD 3000º CD 15 (3000 Grad Records)

Zombie Zombie ‘L’Heure de la Sortie – Original Soundtrack’ Electronica/Soundtrack
LP AO001 (L’Âge d’Or Records)

Various Artists ‘Displaced Soundtracks Vol 2’ Electronic/Electronica/Ambient/House/Techno
2LP LAD040 (Life and Death)

Tomas Nordmark ‘Eternal Words’ Electronic/Ambient/Drone
LP VOS002 (Valley Of Search)

Various Artists ‘Kowtow 001’ Electronica/Ambient
LP KWT001 (Kowtow Records)

Dewalta ‘Lyra’ Ambient

Dewalta ‘Lyra Pi’ Ambient

Cabaret Contemporain ‘Séquence Collective’ Electro/Techno
LP BSR028 (Blackstrobe Records)

New Singles Releases:

Fatboy Slim ‘Right Here Right Now’ (Friction remixes) Drum and Bass/Electronic
12” ELA018 (Elevate Records)

Osbourne ‘Fools’ Techno
12” SPC-142 (Spectral Sound)

David Hausdorf ‘Wechselwirkung’ Techno
12” MINIMOOD018 (Minimood)

Various Artists ‘LF RMX 012 (Len Faki Mixes)’ Electronic/Techno
12” LFRMX012 (LF RMX)

Various Artists ‘White Gardenia Vol.2’ Jazz/Electronic/Experimental
12” JOT006 (JAZZ-O-TECH)

Josh Wink ‘Aries In Mars’ EP Electronic/Techno/House/Acid
12” OVM-300 (Ovum Recordings)

James Dexter ‘Let’s Go Back’ Electronic/Deep House

Tayut Ogni ‘Lost You (Includes Luca Agnelli remix)’ Electronic/Techno
12” ETB051 (Etruria beat)

Exos ‘Alien Eyes’ Electronic/Techno
12” FIGURE X03 (Figure)

Frieder Nagel ‘Distract Robots’ Electronic/Electronica
12” IF2074 (Infiné)

Barratt ‘Saqqara’ Electronic/Techno/House
12″ LAD035 (Life & Death)

Joseph Ashworth ‘Trooper’ EP Electronic/House
12” LAD041 (Life and Death)

Various Artists ‘Muna Musik 009’ Electronic/Techno/House
12” MUNAMUSIK009 (Muna Musik)

International Anything ‘Like This Girl’ Electronic/House
12” PERL120 (PERLON)

Benjamin Fröhlich ‘Rude Collection’ Electronic/House
12” PERMVAC182-1 (Permanent Vacation)

Sasha Zlykh ‘Lie To Your Mom’ Electronic/House/Electronica
12” TPG005 (The Press Group)

Youandewan ‘Ideal Passage’ Electronic/House/Techno
12“ AUS131 (Aus Music)

Tracey ‘Metamorphosis’ Electronic/Electro/IDM/House
12” AUS137 (Aus Music)

Empire State ‘B.R.U.’ Electronic/Industrial/Post-Punk/Techno
12” VEYL005 (VEYL)

FKJ ‘Time For a Change’ Electronica/Soul/Hip-Hop
12” RM005 (Roche Musique)

FKJ ‘Take Off’ Electronica/Soul/Hip-Hop
12” RM011 (Roche Musique)


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