New Albums & Singles Releases 15.02.19






New Albums & Singles Releases 15.02.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Various Artists ‘Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990’ Ambient/New Age
3LP BOX SET/2CD+BOOK LITA167LP/LITA167CD (Light In The Attic)

Tapper Zukie ‘Black Man’ Dub Reggae
CD/LP KSCD078/KSLP078 (Kingston Sounds)

Joe Tossini and Friends ‘Lady Of Mine’ Lounge
LP/CD JTM001/JTM001CD (Joe Tossini Music)

Sleep ‘Dopesmoker’ Sludge/Doom Rock
2LP LORD158LPO (Southern Lord)

Josef K ‘The Only Fun In Town’ Classic Post-Punk
2LP TWI052 (Les Disques du Crepuscule)

Josef K ‘Sorry For Laughing’ Classic Post-Punk

Yoshimi Ueno ‘Taiko No Uminari’ Jazz
LP Studio Mule 14 (Studio Mule)

Max Romeo ‘Horror Zone’ Roots Reggae
2LP NUROOTSLP 001 (Nu Roots Records)

Efdemin ‘New Atlantis’ Techno

Djrum ‘Seven Lies’ Jungle/Techno/House/Broken Beat
3LP 2NDRPLP001 (2nd Drop)

Paul DeMarinis ‘Songs Without Throats’ Experimental/Electronic
2LP Black Truffle 041 (Black Truffle)

President Bongo & Óttar S ‘Quadrante’ Electronic
2LP BROADCAST16 (Radio Bongo)

New Singles Releases:

Pete Cannon ‘N4 Part 2 EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” KF90 (Kniteforce Records)

Sublove ‘Sublove Legacy EP’ Old School Hardcore
2×12” KF102 (Kniteforce Records)

Raxon ‘Speicher 107’ Techno
12” KOMPAKT EX 107 (Kompakt Extra)

Various Artists ‘Kaleidoscope Vol.2’ Deep Dubstep
12” SUBALT018 (Subaltern Records)

Franck Vigroux ‘Théorème’ Electronic
12” DAC045 (Dac Records)

Jascha Hagen ‘A Touch Of Cold Water’ Electronic/Deep House
12” LUL016 (Laut & Luise)

Working Men’s Club ‘Bad Blood / Suburban Heights’ Post-Punk/Alternative
7” MELO120 (Melodic Records)

The Pale Fountains ‘(There’s Always) Something On My Mind’ Classic Indie-Pop
7” ON4 (Optic Nerve)


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