New Albums & Singles Releases 08.02.19





New Albums & Singles Releases 08.02.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Xiu Xiu ‘Girl with Basket Of Fruit’ Alternative/Experimental Pop
LP(LTD)/CD UTR113LP/UTR113CD (Upset The Rhythm)

Alex Chilton ‘Memphis To New Orleans’ Classic Singer-Songwriter/Power Pop/Rock’n’Roll
LP/CD BRN258LP / BRN258CD (Bar None Records)

Alex Chilton ‘Songs From Robin Hood Lane’ Jazz/Alternative/Rock
LP/CD BRN259LP / BRN259CD (Bar None Records)

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O ‘Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe’
Heavy Psychedelic Rock
LP REPOSELP073 (Riot Season)

Julia Kent ‘Asperities’ Post-Classical
LP BAY92V (The Leaf Label)

Toadliquor ‘Cease & Decease’ Sludge/Metal
2LP LORD258 (Southern Lord)

Cosmic Eye ‘Dream Sequence’ Classic British Psychedelic Jazz
LP TRZY001LP (The Roundtable)

Sleep ‘Dopesmoker’ Doom Rock
2LP LORD158LP (Southern Lord)

Robert Hood ‘Internal Empire’ Techno

New Singles Releases:

Walton ‘Inside EP’ Bass Music/Grime/Electronica/Techno-not-techno
12” TEC105 (Tectonic Recordings)

Cab Drivers / Oscar Schubaq / DJ Deep ‘Slices Of Life 10.2’ Techno/House
12” SOL 10.2 (Slices Of Life)

Rebar ‘Lost In Tokyo’ Minimal Techno
12” Rebar001 (Rebar)

Ferenc ‘Pump It Up’ Techno
12” NT005 (Nitsa Traxx)

Al Jerry ‘Zerma Thurstra EP’ Electronic
12” AF Trax 002 (Against Fascism Trax)

Craven Faults ‘Springhead Works’ Analogue Electronic
12” PARCEL369 (Lowfold Works)

Hey-O-Hansen ‘Die Sonn und Der Mond’ Dub/Electronic
7” Pingipung 61 (Pingipung)

Belief Defect ‘Remixed 01’ Electronic
12” r-m185 (Raster)

Brother Nebula ‘Going Clear EP’ House/Disco/Electro
12” TFAD4 (Touch From A Distance)


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